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Give yourself some credit. You’re looking towards a better future. You’ve accepted that you want a lifestyle change. You want to quit drinking. What would that look like though? Do you need to check yourself into a 10-day detox for alcohol addiction? Or are you fine quitting cold turkey and living out your normal life despite alcohol withdrawal symptoms? To make this decision, you need to be willing to break down where things went wrong. You then need to understand the risk factors of quitting without the help of an alcohol treatment center. Here are some tips to help you do that.

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Abuse And Addiction May Be Part Of Your Family History

Alcoholism is a genetic disease. If Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa all had to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, you may want to think about going too. If you’ve shown signs of alcohol abuse, symptoms typically rear their ugly head by your twenties. This means you may not have to suffer from acute alcohol withdrawal if you nip it in the bud early. Your risk factors for alcohol abuse and alcoholism are doubled if it runs in your family. You may be genetically predisposed to being alcohol addictive. Accept the help that could be given to you by the hands of very caring people. If your family has displayed stages of alcoholism through the years, they may also be suffering from co-occurring disorders. This undoubtedly has had an effect on you. Drug and alcohol abuse effect more than just the substance abuser. It’s very possible your family could have benefited from an alcohol detox program. The trick is knowing you need help and being willing to go to treatment for alcohol withdrawal.

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No family is perfect. Sometimes things can get really out of hand and cause a lot of pain for the loved ones in your family. If your family dynamic is one where you won’t always be supported to recover, then a 10-day alcohol detox will be a sanctuary for you. If there is too much fighting and pain when it comes to your family, you won’t be able to recover. Recovery takes support and a family that feels unhealthy will not be able to give you the best support. That isn’t to say your loved ones don’t love you and want what’s best for you. But when they struggle too, how can they be sure what’s best? They need to focus on what they can do for themselves and you the same.

List What Has Driven You To Substance Abuse And Include Any Withdrawal Symptoms

alcohol detox

  • Check up on your mental health. What drives you to drink? What are some of your triggers? Your behavioral health has a huge impact on your habits. In order to understand your addiction, you need to understand why it started. Addiction is a mental illness.
  • Where did this possible mental illness come from? We as humans go through a ton of emotional stress. It’s normal not to be able to understand how to process that all the time. That’s why a 10-day detox is recommended. If you feel that you can quit drinking without a treatment center, be sure to understand what triggers you and remove that from your life.
  • Or, list ways in which you can cope with emotions that do not involve drugs and alcohol.

Perhaps you have been through a traumatic experience. Perhaps you have recently gone through a breakup. Maybe you have a new job that’s really stressful. Or there is a history of abuse in your family and you just know it works for you to get drunk. Be honest about these things. Take the time to get to know yourself and understand the level of your alcohol dependence. Do you have other ways to deal with the things that make you feel upset?

Research Which Treatment Centers Have Medical Professionals In Case You Need It

Rehab centers offer a different method of alcohol detox than living at home would. Home is more lenient, you have more freedom over yourself. You don’t have to attend therapy if you don’t want to. You don’t have to look into the cause of your addiction as deeply.

At an alcohol treatment center, you will be around people who understand the signs of alcohol withdrawal. You will be around medical professionals. Symptoms usually occur pretty rapidly when you’re withdrawing from alcohol abuse, and it helps to have people there who can help you. If you have a really good support system at home, you may not need such direct supervision. Think about what will work for your personality. If getting too nitpicky will overwhelm you and you just need a simple detox, a detox center might not be the best option.

Rehab centers are also more structured. For a 10 day detox, your mental health will be reshaped through therapy. You will have the ability to talk to different drug abusers about their experiences. You will be able to talk out your feelings. If you haven’t thought about your triggers, you will be able to readily do this and even prevent them from causing you to drink. If you’re a very introspective person and are able to look inward without the help of a medical professional, then going to a 10-day detox isn’t as necessary. Be mindful however that there are risk factors for relapse because you’re not around direct supervision.

If You Need An Alcohol Detox Program, Don’t Be Afraid

Lots of people deny their need for treatment because they’re scared to go. It’s common to be in denial. However, if you need to go, you just need to go. Let yourself get the help you need to quit drinking. It’s 10 days. 10 days spent to get a lifetime of better mental health is worth it. Yes, it’s going to feel uncomfortable. Alcohol detox is an emotional thing. The detox timeline is going to transform the way you see life. You will realize that your mind and body are capable of feeling good without alcohol. If you thought drinking alcohol would be the only thing to ease your pain, you will learn so many better ways. You will be able to say goodbye to mood swings, and severe symptoms of withdrawal. You will be able to mend relationships you may have hurt. This sounds overwhelming, but does it sound bad? If you need help, accepting this help is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself.

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The effects of alcohol addiction will only get worse as you avoid detox. A relapse is very common when you try to quit on your own. When you’re addicted to something, you’re avoiding other methods to solve problems. Do not ignore the possibility of a better life. Treatment center staff are usually people who have been in your exact shoes. You’re not going to be reprimanded for getting yourself proper help.

alcohol detox

If you do decide not to go, there are still lifestyle changes to be made. Be sure to watch for signs of alcohol withdrawal, which could indicate a stronger addiction that you may have realized. Be sure that those around you know that you are looking to quit drinking. Be sure to monitor your mood swings and pay attention to what makes you feel good. The detox process exists in and out of inpatient rehab. If you’re serious about your desire to quit drinking, be serious about making these changes.

Pay attention to the signs and symptoms as you go. If you find yourself drinking to calm down about things that bother you often, this self-medication changes to addiction quickly. Self-medicating is very dangerous for the body and the mind. If you choose to detox alone, the health treatments that a detox center can offer to you won’t be as readily available. You’ll have more wiggle room to make mistakes in how you view your addiction. This is very common in alcoholics who recover without the help of a rehab center. They view their addiction is something that won’t ever change no matter how hard they try. The last thing we want you to think is that you are unfixable, that you are too far gone and that your addiction has made you sick. We want you to get the best kind of treatment possible. You are worth more than an addiction, and no matter what kind of help you choose, you will get through it with the right attitude. If you choose a 10-day detox, you’re in the grasp of helping hands. If you choose to stay home, trust yourself and love yourself. You did it, you accepted the need for a change.

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