Addiction is a disease, but it is so much more. Learn more about this complex condition that millions of Americans are struggling with right now.

What Does Enabling Mean? How to Know What Helps and What Hurts

What does “enable” mean? The definition I think applies here, according to Merriam-Webster, is “to make possible, practical, or easy” (emphasis mine).  Enabling looks a lot like love, probably because it’s done through love. We do what we can to make the way “easier”...

Breaking Down the Serenity Prayer

We recently broke down the AA Preamble into separate parts, noting that it was important to understand the text which begins every AA meeting. But the Preamble doesn’t technically begin every meeting. Both AA and NA meetings generally start with the Serenity Prayer....

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Reading Guide for ‘We Agnostics’

The target audience for “We Agnostics” is relatively easy to define. (aga7ta/Shutterstock) Groups such as AA and NA have many detractors, people who believe that they are religious organizations or even cults. This misconception extends to 12-based treatment centers,...

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