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About Heroin Inpatient Facilities

heroin inpatient rehabHeroin inpatient facilities are “live-in”  addiction treatment centers. This form of drug rehab is particularly recommended for heroin abusers, because of the usual intensity of addiction, and the associated difficulty that comes with the withdrawal and detox process. The constant supervision and multiple levels of care, provided to those who have trouble maintaining sober living, safeguards against their own abuse and addiction.

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The Risks of Heroin Use

Heroin is one of the world’s most dangerous drugs. Heroin is cheap, addictive, accessible, and users quickly develops tolerance to it.

Those characteristics, combined with it’s varying levels of potency, are helping fuel the opioid epidemic we are currently experiencing here in the United States.

Beyond overdose and death, heroin users are at risk of major short-term and long-term medical complications.

Risks of heroin use can include collapsed veins from injections, infections, and infliction of serious damage to major internal organs. Contraction of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis are also common due to the sharing of needles among heroin users.

In addition to the physical risks of heroin use and addiction, there are research studies that link drug abuse with mental health disorders.

It has been shown that addiction to heroin, and abuse over time can cause brain deterioration that negatively impacts decision-making, behavior control, and can lead to stress disorders.

“Repeated heroin use changes the physical structure and physiology of the brain, creating long-term imbalances in neuronal and hormonal systems that are not easily reversed” – www.drugabuse.gov/

This is why seeking specialized treatment to conquer your substance abuse and opioid addiction is an important decision to make as soon as you sense a struggle to maintain sobriety on your own.

Heroin Withdrawal

opioid withdrawalA heroin detox is the first major step in rehabilitation once a patient has decided to seek treatment. This is the initial phase where the drug is purged from the body.

Because heroin quickly builds a tolerance in its users, the detox process causes withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult and uncomfortable for a patient to deal with.

The urge to stop these difficult withdrawal symptoms are often what leads users to continue their frequent heroin use.

Not only are heroin withdrawals uncomfortable, but in many cases, they can be dangerous, especially when dealt with outside of a proper treatment facility. A medical detox is generally recommended.

A medical detox is a medication-assisted treatment where safely administered prescription drugs can be utilized to help a patient wean off opioid use and make the withdrawal process more bearable.

“Medical detoxification safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use. “ (www.drugabuse.gov)

Enlisting the help of a treatment program provides the best set of addiction recovery tools along with continuing education to deliver a complete opioid addiction treatment.

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Treating Heroin Addiction: Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab

Treating heroin addiction safely requires professional support and medical supervision.

There are many varieties of substance abuse treatments and rehab facilities to seek recovery from opioid addiction, and they are generally categorized into two distinct types; inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient treatment for heroin addiction requires a patient to stay in a facility overnight for a period of time, ranging anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the time required to achieve a full rehabilitation.

Staying in the facility during treatment allows for direct medical supervision and on-call support at all times for the patient. This provides a greater chance of relapse prevention.

There are multiple varieties of inpatient rehab programs that can vary in intensity and duration, utilizing different heroin treatment techniques. They can also differ in style of accommodations, such as how a residential treatment center simulates a home-living environment.

Outpatient treatment centers typically utilize daily treatments such as therapy or group activities, and allow for the patient to continue living at home for the duration of the drug addiction treatment.

This treatment plan provides some freedoms to the patient which comes with its own benefits and risks.

Both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs will utilize similar behavioral therapy techniques that help treat the mental illness that is often a co-occurring disorder of substance abuse.

Which Treatment Center is Right For Me?

Deciding to get help to rehabilitate from your heroin addiction is a courageous first step in the heroin recovery and healing process.

Choosing the right type of rehab center will depend on your personal life circumstances, and the duration or intensity of your heroin addiction.

If you have ever experienced an overdose, or have attempted rehabilitation treatment in the past without success, inpatient treatment would be a more appropriate style of treatment.

Some patients may not be able to put their family and work responsibilities on hold to receive treatment. In these cases, an intensive outpatient program may be a more suitable choice.

While inpatient care will provide more supervision and safeguards for a patient, we understand that the demands of life may require treatment with more lifestyle compatibility.

It is important that whichever treatment style you decide to pursue, you are given a custom-tailored program that combines different techniques based on your personality and root causes of addiction.

It is always recommended to have a discussion with an experienced rehabilitation professional before making decisions on which program may be right for you.

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Do I need Rehab?

You should never feel ashamed for seeking help in battling heroin addiction.

If you are reading this and asking yourself if rehabilitation treatment may be something you need, having the conversation with someone here to help you may be the decision that saves your life.

If you have reached out to someone in the past to confide about your drug abuse, or if you are struggling to cope with some of the side-effects of frequent use, it is time to reach out and seek help.

Dealing with addiction is not something you should do alone. Speak to a professional about treatment options today.

Preventing Heroin Use After Rehab

Ultimately the mission of any inpatient or outpatient heroin rehab program is to prevent relapse and promote lifelong sobriety.

A quality rehabilitation program should include some type of after-care or post-treatment program that provides support to patients once they have finished their treatment in the facility.

Continued attendance of programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, support groups, and addiction-related counseling and therapy are all important parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Relationships with others who understand your battle and offer support along with a positive influence can also contribute to your lifelong support system.

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