How to Navigate the Recovery Journey

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With substance and alcohol use on the rise, we’re passionate about providing free educational information on how to effectively approach the recovery journey.

At Amethyst Recovery, we’ve helped over 1,373 individuals experience that a-ha moment, that spark of hope. If you’re ready to have that a-ha moment and help either yourself or a loved one take control back of their life, we encourage you to enroll in our 9-part video series led by Josh Wardwell, PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior.

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Meet The Experts

Dr. Josh Wardwell

People say Dr. Josh Wardwell is a breath of fresh air to talk to. He is definitely a person you want in your corner when you are battling addiction. His unique perspective comes from his experience, and a PhD in Psychology-Neuroscience and Behavior from Northern Illinois University. The most impressive thing about Dr. Josh, is his commitment to helping every individual he works with. His caring and compassionate approach, and his amazing ability to teach, make him stand out.

Adrienne DeSalvo

When dealing with addiction, one of the first things to go is your sense of security. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have any control. Adrienne DeSalvo helps change that feeling of hopelessness. Her straightforward communication simplifies everything and leaves you feeling empowered & hopeful. Adrienne has degrees in Psychology, Education, and Family & Marriage Theragpy. Just as impressive, is the fact that she has helped patients at every level of care, giving her increased insight into what really works.

What will you learn with this course?

Video 1 - The Neuroscience of Addiction
Knowing how the brain behaves while addicted can massively speed up the recovery process and helps us make effective decisions. In this video, Dr. Wardwell highlights the ways the brain changes when addicted and how to approach recovery because of those changes.
Video 2 - Mental Health & Addiction
One of the things we focus on extensively is the relationship between mental health and addiction. If the underlying mental health isn’t dealt with at the same time as addiction, there can’t be lasting change. In this video, Dr. Wardwell teaches you about how mental health and addiction react with each other so that you can use that knowledge to help your loved one through recovery.
Video 3 - The Power & Danger of Denial
Denial is addiction’s disguise. In this video, Adrienne teaches how to identify the denial we all have to deal with. She also explains why addressing this denial is absolutely crucial.
Video 4 - The Reality of Addiction in the Family
Addiction has the tendency to hijack your family as well as your loved one. In this video Adrienne talks about how the family dynamic changes when dealing with addiction. She then talks about the best ways to deal with this and things to keep in mind.
Video 5 - Understanding Treatment
The treatment and recovery process can be really confusing. The acronyms and lingo can be very overwhelming. So in this video, Adrienne explains steps of the treatment process and what happens at every step.
Video 6 - Protecting Yourself & Your Loved One
The addiction treatment industry has been wrought with corruption in the past. While current legislation is helping with this and the industry improving rapidly, there are still some things you should know. Adrienne goes through the best ways to protect yourself and find a reputable recovery center.
Video 7 - When to Intervene
Timing can make all the difference when dealing with addiction. In this video, Dr. Wardwell talks about when you should intervene from a neurological level, and why intervening is so important.
Video 8 - How to Intervene
Knowing how to intervene is so important. Every situation is unique and there are tons of ways to go about intervening. In this video, Adrienne talks about the different ways you can start the recovery process and teaches you important things to know.
Video 9 - Conclusion & Next Steps
So after you go through this course, what do you do? In this video, Dr. Wardwell wraps up the course and gives you some next steps to take.