When is it necessary to get help with alcoholism?

Alcohol-Inpatient-Addiction-Services-Rehab-DetoxIn the beginning stages of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), most people can conceal their drinking from others. These individuals effectively live two lives. In many cases, they can maintain this separation for months or even years.

But sooner or later, these two worlds collide. When that happens, alcohol abuse begins to destroy careers, relationships, and even life itself.

At this point, alcohol’s grip is strong. So, most people need alcohol residential treatment. In this environment, patients receive both the medical support and emotional support that they need. One without the other usually will not do. The probability for relapse is simply too high.

To help patients overcome these problems, the alcohol inpatient rehab centers near you use a variety of tools. Just as no two patients are alike, at Amethyst Recovery, no two alcohol inpatient detox programs are alike.

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, you are certainly not alone. Roughly fifteen million Americans are in the exact same boat. Tragically, only a tiny percentage of these individuals attend the treatment programs they require. False information about the effectiveness and success of alcohol inpatient rehab is everywhere. But the truth is that these programs have worked in the past, and they can make a major difference for you and your family.

At some alcohol rehab facilities, residential treatment simply refers to the physical environment. But at Amethyst Recovery, our alcohol residential treatment program is a treatment approach and not just a buzzword.

What is Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)?

For the most part, alcohol is widely available. Furthermore, its use is socially acceptable and it is highly addictive. Because of this combination, AUD (alcohol use disorder) sometimes progresses more rapidly than other kinds of substance abuse issues.

Advanced AUD is a complex condition with no easy answers. If the patient has dual diagnosis issues, the disease is even more complex. In any case, there is no uniform cause, no uniform progression, and no uniform treatment.

Therefore, our residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment uses a holistic approach. This comprehensive and detailed approach resonates with victims of this complex and detailed disease. When patients leave our alcohol residential treatment center, they are ready to fully reintegrate into their everyday lives.

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When an Inpatient Program would be best…

AUD affects the whole person. That means mind, body, and spirit. Alcohol addiction residential rehab is the best way to treat all three areas.

Do I Need Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment?

Time alone does not answer this question. Some people need intensive emotional and medical therapy straightaway, while others respond to different types of treatment. To determine if an alcohol residential treatment program is required, some people give themselves an addiction treatment self-assessment quiz. That includes questions like:

  • Does my doctor say that alcohol abuse is affecting my health?
  • Has my drinking caused issues at work?
  • Have I dealt with legal issues related to substance abuse?
  • Has my drinking hurt someone physically, emotionally, or otherwise?

During your initial consultation at our world-class facility, we look at issues like these together. For us, residential alcohol delivery intake is not a one-way conversation.

What Makes Alcohol Addiction Residential Treatment Different?

Even in advanced AUD cases, some people respond fully to something like intensive outpatient addiction treatment therapy. IOP is highly effective and also not terribly disruptive.

But alcohol addiction residential rehabilitation is an even more aggressive approach. Using various combinations of different treatment therapies, we find the one that works for you and your family.

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About Amethyst’s Residential Alcohol Abuse Program

Here at Amethyst, we have a wide range of drug and alcohol abuse programs which are all designed to break the power of AUD and lead to long-term recovery. Some of these alcohol detox residential programs include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: 12-step, talk-it-out therapy is very beneficial for most alcohol addicts. CBT is usually the next step. During these sessions, addicts acquire the tools they need to mend broken relationships. In many cases, such issues are one of a person’s biggest alcohol triggers.
  • Expressive Arts: Alcohol dulls the senses. When we remove alcohol, patients often need creative outlets. Without painting, music, drama, and other such forms, relapse rates are significantly higher. Many people turn to substance abuse to satisfy their new emotional urges.
  • Nursing and Medical Groups: Alcohol detox residential treatment centers usually involve medical care. We include twice-weekly nursing groups. There, medical professionals and patients explore the effects that alcohol has on the body. Other services, like STD testing, are available as well.

The Amethyst residential alcohol and drug rehab center also include things like anger management therapy and anti-relapse therapy as needed.

Finding the Right Alcohol Residential Program

Alcohol-Residential-Positive-Healthy-RecoveryThere is no shortage of residential alcohol and drug treatment center options. Just like there are some ways to determine if residential treatment is right for you, there are some ways to find the right place to begin your recovery.

Should I Attend an Alcohol Residential Treatment Center Near Me?

A nearby residential alcohol treatment facility has a number of advantages. These drug and alcohol facilities are usually less disruptive.

However, there is also something to be said for a residential alcohol treatment which is not near you. A clean break from everything familiar, even something as trivial as the local news broadcasters, may sometimes be the best therapy.

How Much Does Residential Alcohol Rehab Cost?

At Amethyst, our alcohol and drug residential treatment programs are usually thirty, sixty, or ninety days. While alcohol residential rehab is not free, we strive to keep the cost as low as possible, even in extended stay programs.

The types of programs also affect residential alcohol rehab cost. To promote effective recovery, we only offer top-quality programs. As a result, however much you invest in an alcohol and drug residential treatment facility, the investment is always worthwhile.

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Effective Alcohol Rehab Residential Treatment

Alcohol-Residential-Field-Joy-Rehab-DetoxThe best measuring sticks of residential alcohol rehab centers are the quality of the facilities, the programs, and the long-term success rates.

The drug and alcohol recovery facility itself should be both accessible and remote. Not many residential alcohol rehab facilities near you fit both those categories. However, both are necessary for effective recovery. And that’s what it’s all about.

That mixture must be in the makeup as well. The residential alcohol treatment center should be comfortable for patients who must stay there a while. At the same time, the facilities should be just uncomfortable enough to give patients more incentive to complete all residential alcohol treatment programs.

A Variety of Choices

As mentioned earlier, no alcohol recovery residential facility is complete without a wide variety of programs. These programs should be geared toward alcoholics and their families. Generic painting and yoga classes will not do.

Finally, as in many other areas of life, the proof is in the pudding. If a residential treatment facility for alcohol use disorder has high relapse rates, there is not much point in enrolling in the mental health program. At Amethyst, our alumni program goes above and beyond to give addicts the resources they need for long-term recovery.

Alcohol residential treatment may be the best way to get your life back. Reach out to us today to see what a difference the right mental health therapy can make for you and your family.

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