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Information On Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Programs

Alcohol-PHP-Addiction-Rehabilitation-DefinitionEither directly or indirectly, AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) affects tens of millions of Americans. Many people who struggle with substance abuse see dramatic results after brief outpatient rehab stays. When combined with the patient’s commitment to quit, these programs offer a combination of treatments that yield permanent results.

Other addicts benefit from more intensive residential inpatient stays. In these cloistered environments, many people find the medical and emotional support they need.

But recovery is never one-size-fits-all. Sometimes there is an additional need, and that is where an Alcohol PHP fits in. According to the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, a PHP is “a time-limited and medically supervised treatment program that can provide therapeutic, intense, and comprehensive clinical services in a structured environment that is a freestanding program.”

At Amethyst Recovery, our PHP programs significantly reduce relapse rates. In other words, if traditional programs fail, PHP may well succeed.

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Types of PH Programs

Generally, these addiction programs last for several weeks. Most patients are in-house for about four hours a day, approximately four days a week.

Isn’t PHP Just a Halfway House?

Not exactly. There are some elements of a halfway house in this drug treatment program. Most PHP alums are very close, as they spend quite a bit of time together. Moreover, many people enroll in PHP alcohol treatment because they need a step-down from intensive inpatient alcohol detox.

Or, perhaps they are transitioning between supervised and semi-supervised programs. Because of this, most PHP patients are in roughly the same place in terms of their recovery. They are able to fully participate in all therapy components and they do not require constant medical supervision.

A Level Of Self Support

But this treatment option is not just a halfway house. For one thing, there is no residential component. PHP patients live independently. In many cases, they also take responsibility for their own transportation to and from the program.

Furthermore, most halfway houses offer few or no services. When it comes to sober living, most of these residents are basically on their own. In contrast, Amethyst Recovery’s PHP option includes a wide range of services, as outlined below.

What If I Have Unique Alcohol Rehab Needs?

As mentioned, not all addicts fit neatly into “outpatient” and “inpatient” cubbyholes. The initial consultation is usually quite revealing in this area. Sometimes, either outpatient or inpatient care is inappropriate or unworkable, for whatever reason.

PHP programs give these individuals an additional option, so they can get the intensive outpatient treatment they need. Other patients need more attention or supervision than outpatient services provide, but they are not good inpatient candidates. Once again, PHP fills in the gap.

Finally, roughly eight million Americans struggle with Co-Occurring Disorders (COD). If patients have issues with both AUD and another mental health disorder, heightened care is usually a good idea.

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A Partial Hospitalization Program Overview

No two people go through the same partial hospital treatment program. Every alcoholic is different, so every PHP protocol is different. However, there are some major similarities.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Available?

COD alcohol and drug abuse patients often benefit from certain psychopharmacological substances. For best results, these drugs must be used in a carefully-controlled medication management environment.

Although not technically part of the PHP program, alcohol withdrawal medicine may be needed. Up to 5 percent of patients have such severe physical symptoms that they cannot focus on the other areas of alcohol detox. So, a brief, medically-supervised period may be appropriate before the patient enters the partial hospitalization program.

What About Group and Individual Therapy?

Alcohol-PHP-Recovery-Rehab-AddictionOur treatment team emphasizes therapy sessions during alcohol and drug treatment. Most patients attend multiple sessions per day. A trained alcohol treatment counselor directs these sessions.

Patients share their feelings and insights, and that is a very healthy release. Patients also receive encouragement from other individuals who face the same obstacles. Finally, these behavioral health treatment sessions are secure environments for everyone.

In addition, therapy allows patients to hone their communication and empathy skills. These tools serve people well in life after addiction.

Not everyone benefits from one-on-one therapy in outpatient programs. However, many people need additional opportunities to share things they may be uncomfortable bringing up in group sessions. Sometimes, Amethyst Recovery professionals schedule regular individual therapy sessions, and sometimes these sessions occur on an as-needed basis.

Does My Family Need To Be Involved?

Most definitely, at least in most cases. It’s important for family members to understand exactly what is going on, as AUD affects the entire household.

In some cases, family relationships may be part of the problem. Most alcoholics have hurt their loved ones. Their acts may have been unintentional or beyond their control, but the damage is still there. For any substance abuse treatment program to work over the long term, these relationships must be mended if at all possible.

Occasionally, family therapy is not part of the PHP protocol, for whatever reason.

A PHP Recovery Center and Your Health Care

People utilize Amethyst Recovery’s inpatient or outpatient programs because they want to get better. But we do not match people to programs. Instead, we tailor programs to meet your needs. For many, PHP offers the right combination of life skills classes, support groups, therapy session, and other treatment components.

How Do I Get Started?

Before you come in for your initial interview, it is a good idea to spend some time on our website. Get to know the different programs we offer and our recovery philosophy.

Prior to discussing hospitalization programs for alcoholism, it’s important that you be open about all the drug abuse and other issues you face. We simply cannot help you if we only know part of the problem.

What About the Cost?

Private insurance plans often cover some, most, or all of your alcohol rehab costs. Most companies would rather pay for prevention now than expensive conditions, like liver cirrhosis, later in life.

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Do PHP Programs Always Lead to Long-Term Recovery?

Alcohol-PHP-Rehab-Recovery-Therapy-SunsetThere are seldom guarantees in life. But with the continuing education that PHP offers, along with a slightly more structured environment, the probability of victory over drug abuse is high.

Our PHP treatment facility is designed to purge your body, mind, and spirit of alcohol. We use a combination of methods because not everyone responds to the same stimuli. This approach, when taken with our world-class aftercare program, puts you firmly on the road to success.

A partial hospitalization residential treatment program may be the answer that you and your family are looking for. Call us today, and let the healing begin.

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