College is an exciting time for most students. It’s full of new beginnings and plans for a future. It is also a time for new discoveries. College students – especially those who live on a campus away from home – will undoubtedly face decisions that test their judgment and willpower. This is when parents hope … Continued

Socializing becomes rather difficult for some of us when we enter recovery. Perhaps we once excelled at making friends. But as substance abuse gradually took control over our lives, many of us lost touch with this particular skill set. We didn’t know how to meet people outside of bars. We shunned those in our lives … Continued

  Did any of you have an “Aha!” moment in your recovery from addiction? I know my son Sam did, and I understand many other addicts do as well. But this article describes a different sort of “Aha!” moment, the one I had in my own experience as a mother of an addicted son. For … Continued

Beating an addiction is certainly not an easy thing to do. You have probably heard the saying “Time heals all wounds.” This is definitely true for many physical wounds and emotional heartbreaks. But what about those who are battling addiction to drugs or alcohol – Is the saying true for them as well? Quite simply, … Continued

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit introverted. Many addicts and alcoholics are introverts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we never enjoy being social, or even that we lack social skills. It just means that social interactions tend to leave us a bit drained, and we occasionally like being on our own to recharge. But … Continued

When people first join Alcoholics Anonymous, they may raise their eyebrows at some of the common AA slogans. These slogans often sound cheesy, especially when they get constantly repeated by people who say them without context. The newcomer simply hears someone spouting clichés without bothering to explain them. It gets old fast. But the most … Continued

People in sobriety maintain anonymity for several reasons. In the case of AA, members are encouraged to maintain anonymity for the sake of the program itself. If a person relapses, those who know them might blame the program rather than the individual. Others maintain anonymity out of fear. They do not wish others to judge … Continued

People typically argue on the subject of medication-assisted treatment for patients with substance use disorders. Some believe that MAT cannot substitute other forms of treatment such as 12-step programs and cognitive behavioral therapy. Others believe that MAT is the only effective form of treatment available. Those who tend to see both sides of an argument … Continued

These days, it seems nearly impossible to read anything about addiction without hearing about the opioid epidemic. We hear it regulated to specific areas, such as California or New England. In some cases, you might specifically hear about a heroin epidemic or prescription drug epidemic. These variations may appear to indicate that the entire thing … Continued

When substance abusers first enter addiction treatment, their entry survey or interview almost always contains one specific question. This question pertains to whether the addict or alcoholic in question has ever suffered from “DTs.” Many patients falsely assume this to be an abbreviation for “detox.” And while the two are most certainly related, this is … Continued