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For many Hollywood actors, getting out of the roles they have been stereotyped in is a challenge. How many times can an actor play the boy next door? Repeating the same roles under different names and directors can seem limiting in the end, and Zac Efron certainly was not about that. However, he was all … Continued

There are a lot of competing perspectives on marijuana and whether it is truly addictive. So is it? A drug is considered addictive if it makes you dependent on it. In other words, you get withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it. You also crave an addictive drug – as in that’s all you really … Continued

Addiction is a very devastating disease that can destroy lives of many people. If you have an addicted partner, you may feel conflicted. It is only natural to want to help your partner if he or she is struggling with an addiction. Don’t know for sure? First, look at the signs. Some common signs that … Continued

Miley Cyrus’s battle with addiction has been highly publicized over the past couple of years. In 2015, Miley Cyrus was photographed in a recording studio surrounded by what appeared to be drug paraphernalia. Miley’s loved ones and fans watched her addiction story unfold in the news. Despite the difficulties she undoubtedly has faced in working through her … Continued

The proponents of safe injection sites feel that the sites are a welcome addition to the fight against addiction. Specifically, they believe that they are a benefit to public health and the community. On the other hand, the opponents of safe injection sites vehemently insist that these sites cause roadblocks in the battle against addiction. They … Continued

Addictions manifest mostly as a need to fill a void or even as a coping mechanism. It is important for recovering addicts to find a way to deal with their problems and emotions in a healthy way. This is where holistic and alternative methods of addiction recovery come into play. The goal is to help … Continued

When a person experiences sexual abuse in any form and at any time in their life, it causes many problems. A traumatic experience such as this is undoubtedly extremely damaging mentally as well as physically. Victims suffer many consequences of sexual abuse, including depression, low self-esteem, PTSD, and many other problems. One prominent problem that … Continued

What your primary care physician doesn’t know about addiction could be extremely detrimental to an addict’s health and well being. When it comes to knowing the signs of addiction and treating it, doctors really do not get that much addiction education. Many doctors simply lack a basic understanding of how the drugs they prescribe can … Continued

Getting sober is hard. Maintaining sobriety is even harder. Your life goes through changes whether you spent time in a sober living house for treatment or not. Recovery is a lifelong process, and it begins with a metamorphosis. After you detox, you face a life without drugs or alcohol. While this is difficult, it does … Continued

Have you found out that a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol? Have you confronted them about their addiction? Perhaps they have refused treatment. Maybe they do not even admit that they have a problem. When a friend or loved one simply does not want help, it can be devastating and incredibly painful … Continued