While we educate our clients on the 12 Steps and the value of working a regimented program, we also recommend a variety of outside literature to those who express interest. One of the books we most frequently lend our clients is The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz. Utilizing … Continued

Think of the biggest problem facing you right now. Perhaps you’re stuck between Scylla and Charybdis, forced to resolve a dilemma with no clear answer. Maybe you’re searching for your white whale, the one thing that you believe might help you find peace in life. No matter what the nature of the issues currently plaguing … Continued

It’s time to once again continue our monthly series on the Twelve Steps, this time by focusing on Step Eight. In many ways, the Eighth Step and the Ninth Step go hand in hand. Consider Step Eight to be something of a primer before we begin making our amends. And since making amends will be … Continued

Even those not intimately familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) probably know something about the 12 Steps. These simple suggestions were designed as a way of helping us cope with life in recovery so that we may maintain our long-term sobriety. They help us overcome our resentments and character defects. We learn … Continued

Many clients who enter treatment seem very skeptical when they first come through the doors. For many, it seems easy to blame this on a general unwillingness to get sober. Unfortunately, the root of the problem is sometimes much darker. Because for every client who simply doesn’t care to receive treatment, there are others whose … Continued

At the end of most AA meetings, we join hands and recite the Lord’s Prayer. Some people find this appalling, feeling as if it forces us to accept a specific definition of a Higher Power. Certainly, AA tells us many times to interpret the spiritual world in a manner that suits our best design for … Continued

Amethyst Recovery offers two forms of therapy. In our day/night program, clients meet with their case load for group therapy on a daily basis. They also generally meet with their therapist for one-on-one sessions once per week. Upon graduating from day/night treatment and moving into outpatient care, clients will continue to participate in one-on-one sessions … Continued

America values extroverts. We value them in the fields of entertainment, business and federal government. We tell our children to be more outgoing, and we encourage teamwork in all things. This emphasis on extroversion has even led to self-help courses that teach introverts how to stop being introverts. To reiterate, there are self-help courses that … Continued

Amethyst Recovery Center often recommends that clients detox prior to entering day/night care. This enables them to enter treatment with a clearer head, allowing them to better focus on their recovery. Now, we will be offering access to our very own, state-of-the-art detox facility. Eligible clients who attend our recently initiated detoxification program will also … Continued