Addiction Treatment Programs

Finding The Right Drug Treatment Program For You

Your struggle with substance abuse is unique, and so will be your path to addiction recovery. At Amethyst Recovery Center, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment doesn’t cut it. That’s why we are committed to providing you with personalized attention and a treatment designed specifically for your needs. We offer multiple types of drug treatment programs to choose from in including popular options such as 12 steps group-based recovery, holistic therapies. 


Types of Treatment Programs

Achieving true and lasting addiction recovery isn’t a matter of simply showing up. Your drug treatment program should help you better understand the root of what caused your addiction and then give you the tools to overcome those triggers and obstacles long after your treatment has been completed. As understanding of addiction has grown, so has the variety of program options available. 


Traditional Programs

The National Institute on Drug Abuse characterizes traditional drug treatment programs as those based on the 12-steps approach. Centered around the structure and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, these programs are flexible and can be easily adapted for the treatment of all types of substance abuse, not just alcoholism. 


Alternative Programs

Also sometimes referred to as complementary therapy, alternative drug treatment programs include increasingly popular holistic and outdoor-based therapies. These can include activities such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation, which are valued for promoting expression, encouraging self-awareness, and providing a healthy new hobby. Despite their “alternative” status, many of these types of therapies are evidence-based and proven to be effective in treating addiction, managing cravings, and being a helpful means of relapse prevention. 


Population-Specific Programs

Drug rehab programs can also be selected on other criteria besides traditional or nontraditional status. One growing segment is that of population-specific programs. These focus on the needs of specific groups of people and be based on things like age, gender, sexual orientation, and more. This can be extremely useful in particular for marginalized groups that face unique challenges or bear similarities in how or why substances are abused.


Faith-Based Programs

Many addiction treatment programs have intentionally removed religious aspects or affiliations from their treatment programs in order to accommodate patients from all different backgrounds. Take for instance the Alcoholics Anonymous organization itself: Even though it began as a Christian organization, much of the literature has been adapted to apply to multiple faiths as well as agnostics and atheists. Faith-based programs incorporate prayer and other elements of religion to help individuals get on the path to recovery. 


Luxury Programs

For some, the right addiction treatment program matters less of what it entails, but what the experience is like. Luxury addiction treatment centers focus on providing treatment in an upscale, resort-like environment. They offer numerous amenities, stylish accommodations, and are often located in trendy locations, which can make them an attractive option even to the most treatment-averse. However, an expensive price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a rehab facility is better than others or guaranteed to work. Amethyst Recovery Center offers a luxury rehab experience accessible to Florida locals and out-of-state patients. 


Getting Your Customized Treatment Program

The process of determining the best drug rehab program for you is a collaboration by the client and our clinical team. Together we will evaluate your personal strengths, co-occurring diagnoses, and individual recovery goals. These plans will be re-evaluated during your treatment and changes will be applied when clinically appropriate.

If you’re ready to commit to a healthier, happier, and drug-free version of yourself, give us a call today!

Addiction Treatment Programs

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