The Fragile Life of a Heroin Addict

The term “heroin addict” has a certain connotation, and not a good one. People struggling with heroin are often thought of as individuals who are homeless or live in dirty places with no job and do not have the ability to stop. Although this may be the case for some...

Heroin Rehab: Inpatient, Residential, Outpatient & PHP

Receiving Treatment for Heroin Addiction: Options, Programs, Length There are many unique options available to someone seeking heroin addiction treatment. The type of drug rehab program chosen should depend on personal circumstances and severity of the addiction....

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Heroin Detox & Withdrawal: Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment

Heroin Withdrawal A heroin detox is the first major step in rehabilitation once a patient has decided to seek treatment. This is the initial phase where the drug is purged from the body. Because heroin quickly builds a tolerance in its users, the detox process causes...

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Heroin Addiction: Statistics, Symptoms and Effects

Heroin Addiction: Statistics, Symptoms and Effects

Heroin Addiction and Recovery Many people find themselves addicted without ever having realized the path they were on. Often, people who abuse prescription opioids turn to heroin because of “its low cost and high availability.” ( Once heroin becomes...

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