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Amphetamine Treatment: Inpatient, Outpatient & PHP Rehabs

Amphetamine Addiction Amphetamines are a class of drugs that have become increasingly problematic in the United States in terms of abuse and addiction. Amphetamines are stimulants, and commonly prescribed drugs like Adderall are included in this classification. Amphetamines that are available by prescription are typically used to treat symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD). Less…

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Amphetamine Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Centers

What Are Amphetamines? Amphetamines are a class of drugs that are stimulants. They speed up the processes of the central nervous system, and some amphetamines are used by prescription. There are also illegal amphetamines sold on the black market. Prescription amphetamines can be used to treat certain medical conditions including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)…

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Amphetamine Addiction: Recreational Use, Abuse, Symptoms and Statistics

What Are Amphetamines? Amphetamines are a classification of drugs that include illegal drugs sold on the streets as well as drugs that are prescribed to treat certain conditions. Any amphetamine, regardless of its legal or medical status, is a central nervous system stimulant. When someone uses amphetamines, it speeds up most of the functions of…


Alcoholism on Health: Dementia, Neuropathy, Hepatitis Cirrhosis & More

Outward Signs of An Alcoholic If you believe a loved one or someone you know is an alcoholic, are there outward signs? The answer is yes, there can sometimes be obvious signs of an alcoholic, but in many cases, the disease has progressed significantly by the time there are obvious outward signs. Obvious Signs Many…

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Alcohol Withdrawal Effects: Delirium Tremens, Hallucinations and More

Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol use disorder is now the accepted name for the disease of alcoholism or alcohol addiction. When someone regularly drinks too much, they’re at risk for becoming addicted to alcohol. Alcohol affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain, including GABA. That’s why people who drink feel pleasure, relaxation or euphoria. That’s also…


The Best Alcohol Rehab Guide: Inpatient, Outpatient, PHP & Cost

Are you suffering in silence with an addiction that is slowly taking over your life? You may need an alcohol rehab program. An addiction to alcohol can creep up on a person at the most random moment, causing them to suddenly put alcohol before everything else in life. The truth is that you probably want…

Alcohol Recovery Stages

Alcohol Recovery Stages: Days, Weeks, Months, Years

Although legal, alcohol packs a powerful punch that has brought countless folks to their knees. If the insidious addiction to the liquid gold has wreaked havoc on your life, you aren’t alone. Likewise, you are not alone in your quest for recovery from alcoholism. The fact is that you no longer have to allow the…

Alcohol Questionnairre

Alcohol Questionnaires for Detoxing and Recovery

Over 80 percent of people 18 and over drink alcohol and millions of these people become alcoholics. Alcoholism is a disease of addiction that has physical manifestations that can eventually lead to death. In the United States, for example, alcoholism is the third leading preventable cause of death. The good news is that many people…


Alcohol Detox Services: Overview, Types, Methods & Medications

How to Get Alcohol Help for Yourself or Family Ever since intoxicating beverages first appeared in China and the Middle East some 9,000 years ago, alcohol abuse has been a major problem for countless people. Over the generations, many people have found the help they need to quit drinking at a nearby alcohol detox facility.…


Alcohol Counselor and Counseling Services

If you’re someone who has enjoyed alcohol frequently and are starting to wonder if you have a problem, an alcohol counselor can help. What was once fun could be hurting you, and the only way forward is to get your problem under control; a professional like a counselor can give you the tools needed to…