Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Keep Your Sobriety

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It’s also is a holiday that celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish in general. And drinking excessive alcohol in Ireland is the social norm. Which may be why St. Patrick’s Day is a…


The Thin Line between Love and Enabling

Friends, family members, and significant others of an individual dealing with substance abuse often fail to realize that they are acting as enablers in their loved one’s life. To make the decision to treat their addiction, an individual must come to terms with how their addiction affects their life. Someone that is dealing with addiction…

Difference Between Drug Abuse and Addiction

What is the Difference Between Drug Abuse and Addiction?

Drug abuse and addiction is rampant in America. It’s become a huge problem and economic burden. The economic burden of opioid abuse and addiction has already toppled over $1 trillion. This doesn’t even account for the many other substances that Americans abuse and are addicted to. Over 24 million Americans were addicted to a substance…

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Statistics and Success Rates

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Rehab Statistics and Success Rates

Substance abuse statistics and demographics generally appear in one of two categories. Some pertain to rates of use, while others pertain to rates of recovery. Generally speaking, one will find rates of use far more easily than rates of recovery. One problem with finding accurate drug and alcohol rehab statistics and success rates is that…

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Center for You

Finding the Best Drug Rehabilitation Center for You

Once an addict learns to recognize the harmful consequences of their substance abuse, they will want to seek help quickly. This leads to something of a predicament. It is important to begin without too much delay, but it is also important to look closely at what each drug and alcohol rehab has to offer. Careless…

Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Work

Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Work?

Addiction thrives on fear. By the time a substance user enters recovery, they find themselves suffering fear of a most paradoxical nature. They shudder at the thought of even one more day allowing drugs and alcohol to run their lives into ruin. At the same time, they also fear their ability to live without the…

Finding Drug Rehab Center Success Rates

Drug Rehab Center Success Rates: Why Can’t We Find Them?

No matter how many good reviews a treatment center receives or how passionately they promise to ensure quality care, some people understandably find it hard to trust anything other than hard data. Unfortunately, such people will find it nearly impossible to find accurate drug rehab center success rates. When searching for a quality inpatient drug…

Answers to Important Drug and Alcohol Recovery Questions

Answers to Important Drug and Alcohol Recovery Questions

Recovery from a deeply rooted problem such as drug and alcohol addiction does not occur overnight. It requires time, structure, and the support of those who understand the process. Those seeking to recover from addiction will undoubtedly want to know more about this process before they begin. While newcomers to the treatment process may have…

Why Alcohol and Drug Rehab Statistics Should Concern Us

Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab Statistics Should Concern Us

Headlines and nightly newscasts remind us on a continuing basis that drugs and alcohol affect countless lives across America. Substance use disorders unravel the lives of users and their families every day. Services exist to treat those in need, but they cannot be forced on anyone except in extreme cases. Even then, compulsory treatment services…

hallucinogenic drugs

Can Psychedelic Drugs Lead to Mental Disorders?

What is the relationship between psychedelic drugs and mental health disorders? Over 30 million Americans abuse psychedelic drugs, like LSD, psilocybin and DMT. The majority of these users are abusing the drugs to trigger a psychedelic experience or hallucination. But, can this type of drug use lead to mental disorders and illnesses? Do these drugs…