Addiction is a disease, but it is so much more. Learn more about this complex condition that millions of Americans are struggling with right now.

5 Hobbies to Pick Up in Addiction Recovery

Many recovering addicts will often notice that they have a lot of free time on their hands. Instead of obsessing over, using, or getting over the use of drugs or alcohol, these individuals now have nothing to do. If they don’t fill in their spare time with a  hobby,...

Where will the opiate crisis be a year from now?

With statistics of prescription opioid abuse on the decline, it may seem that the opioid crisis has finally reached a turning point. However, this is only a small portion of the the opiate crisis. When it comes to opioid dependency based on other measures, the crisis...

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Our Favorite Recovery Quotes of 2018

A quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram will confirm something everyone already knows: People love inspirational quotes. We save them to our phones, print them on t-shirts, and we even tattoo them on our bodies. And nobody loves them more than an addict in...

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