Amethyst blog graphic Addiction and the Negative Feedback Loop

Addiction and the Negative Feedback Loop

The cycle of addiction is one that’s all too often unbroken. However, with professional help, your loved one can not only get over his or her issues, but they can go on to live healthy and prosperous lives.

5 Major Costs of Drug Abuse

5 Major Costs of Drug Abuse

It is important to understand how the impact, ramification, and costs of drug abuse has on the personal, familial, societal, financial and legal aspects of our lives.

addiction in the famiy

A Mother Who Understands Addiction in The Family

Hi Everyone – This is a message for all of you Moms and Dads out there who have just discovered that your son or daughter is an addict.  I know – you are beyond scared; actually, terrified is a much more accurate word.  I have been down the same road, for over five years now,…

Introduction to the 12 step model

Introduction to the 12 Step Model

The 12 step model is a set of principles or guiding mindsets designed to help a recovering addict navigate the road to being clean and sober.

7 signs of Alcohol Abuse

7 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

When displaying signs of alcohol abuse and dependency, it is important to take action quickly before it turns into an addiction.

Amethyst blog graphic What is the Florida Model of Rehabilitation

What is the Florida Model of Rehabilitation?

The Florida Model of rehabilitation has been in use by addiction treatment facilities and specialists since the mid-1980s. This model is instrumental in breaking the mold for inpatient drug rehabs.