Hydromorphone, also referred to as dihydromorphinone, also marketed under the brand name Dilaudid amongst the others, is an opioid used to treat moderate to severe pain. Long-term usage is typically only suggested for pain because of cancer. It could possibly be employed orally or by injection into a vein, muscle, or under the skin.


Dilaudid Withdrawal & Detox Symptoms, Timeline & Facilities

Dilaudid Dependence Dilaudid is an opioid – and opioids are also referred to as narcotics. Dilaudid is supposed to only be available by prescription for the treatment of severe pain. The generic, active ingredient in this brand-name drug is hydromorphone. As with other narcotics, hydromorphone affects the central nervous system of the user and changes…


Dilaudid Recovery: Inpatient, Outpatient & PHP Rehabs

How Is Dilaudid Addiction Diagnosed? People often struggle with Dilaudid abuse and addiction for a period of time before they notice it, or their loved ones notice. When someone is addicted to Dilaudid, it can be diagnosed just like any other medical condition—by looking at a set of symptoms and determining which of those a…

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Dilaudid Addiction Treatment: Signs/Symptoms + Side Effects

Introduction to Dilaudid Addiction Dilaudid is a schedule II controlled substance, intended to be prescribed to treat only severe pain. Dilaudid is a brand-name drug, and the active ingredient is the opioid narcotic hydromorphone. Dilaudid has a black box warning that comes with it regarding its potential for addiction and dependence. Whether someone is using…