Mental Health

There is a significant correlation between addiction and mental health. One could even argue that in order to understand addiction, you must have insight into a user’s mental state. Learn more about the connection between mental health and substance use disorders.

What Are Substance-Induced Mood Disorders?

Substance-induced mood disorders refer to depressive, anxiety, or psychotic symptoms arising from substance abuse or medications. These symptoms may appear at any point during the use cycle: active use, intoxication, or withdrawal. Roughly 50 percent of individuals...

Self-Harm Awareness Month

March 1st is Self-Harm Awareness Day and marks the beginning of Self Harm Awareness Month. This month is observed in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. The purpose of Self-Harm Awareness Month is to help eliminate the stigma associated with self-harm so...

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How to Cope with Depression (Without Drugs)

The physical and psychological effects of drug and alcohol withdrawal are frequent topics of discussion. Less frequently addressed, however, is the emotional toll of withdrawal. Depression is a fairly common withdrawal side effect for heavy and long-term substance...

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EMDR Trauma Therapy and Addiction Treatment

EMDR Trauma Therapy and Addiction Treatment

EMDR was devised as a way to treat PTSD, such as that experienced by many veterans. (ShutterStock) People have different reasons for becoming addicts and alcoholics. Many are people who simply partied too much at an early age and found it difficult to stop. Others...

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