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With ski resorts, skydiving, beautiful national parks and tons of art museums, Cedar City, Utah is a great place to be for addiction treatment. Here is a glimpse in rehab, treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous in Festival City USA.
Southern Utah is filled with ski resorts, national parks, forests and suburban artscapes. Cedar City is 250 miles south of Salt Lake City. In fact, it’s closer to Las Vegas than it is to the beautiful capital of Utah.
Nicknamed “Festival City USA,” Cedar City offers visitors a fun time. Each year, the Utah Shakespeare Festival comes as well as the Neil Simon Theatre Festival and a bunch of other fun events.
The Festival City is not always so glamorous, though. Since 2000, death related to drug abuse has increased by almost 400 percent. This could be due to a number of things. The country is seeing an overall rise in the substance abuse of different synthetic drugs.
Here are some drugs that have been known to cause substance abuse and addiction issues in the US in the past few years:
•  Fentanyl
•  Xanax
•  Alcohol
•  Cocaine
•  Study Drugs (Adderall, Vyvanse)
The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that addiction is in fact a treatable disorder. We are seeing too many deaths in our country for something that can be fixed. If you are experiencing a substance abuse or addiction problem, go to a rehab center in Cedar City. Here is what you need to know about rehab, treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous in this beautiful southern Utah city.

Medical Detox

A good medical detox is the first step to getting help in a treatment center. Drug rehab and alcohol rehab take a similar path when it comes to medical detox. Prescription drugs are given to patients to make withdrawal symptoms more bearable. Let’s take a look at how withdrawal and medical detox can differ between drugs and alcohol.

Drug Rehab

The beginning of drug rehab is tough. Withdrawal symptoms are usually not as painful as they are with alcohol. But, a chemical dependency is more easily maintained with drugs. So, mentally and physically, a medical detox is needed.
Prescription drugs are needed for patients to wean slowly off of their drug of choice. For example, Buprenorphine is used to decrease the effects of Heroin withdrawal. Some drugs are more dangerous to withdrawal from than others are and it should not be tried without supervision.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol withdrawal is considered the most dangerous. In severe cases, alcohol detox can be helpful but still will not completely make the pain go away for a week or two.
The withdrawal timeline for alcohol usually lasts for about two weeks. During this time, careful medication management is done to ensure that patients in alcohol detox are safe.
Benzodiazepines are usually used to help patients during alcohol detox. These are used only for short term alcohol detox because they’re also very addictive.
In general, medical detox is a very emotional time because it is purely painful to lose your chemical dependency to a drug. That is why support and care are vital to your recovery. You need staff members who have your back.

Levels of Care Offered by Cedar City Treatment Centers

There are different levels of care offered by recovery centers that range from structured to very flexible. They are all equally helpful and provide patients with support from many sources. They can be short term or long term, it depends on what you need and want.

Remember that the choice of drug and alcohol treatment that you choose is up to you. Your loved ones can give their opinion, but the final decision is yours. Let’s explore some options.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment is scheduled, supervised and very intimate. There are staff at the treatment center around the clock there to assist you as you go through addiction recovery.
This is residential treatment, patients stay overnight in the recovery center to allow for total supervision. During the day, there are meals, different kinds of therapy depending on who needs what, and group sessions.
A typical stay in an inpatient facility lasts from about 30 to 60 days. Whether it’s short term or long term depends on the severity of the drug or alcohol abuse that the patient has been experiencing.
A good candidate for inpatient rehab has a co-occuring disorder. They’re the patient who struggles with crippling mental health illness, who could be a danger to themselves if not supervised. They are the patient with a heavy chemical dependency to drugs or alcohol, who need very intense help all day long to work on their behavioral health.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP is a great step down from going to inpatient therapy. Patients come into the treatment center during the day for addiction treatment, group activities and medication, but they don’t stay the night.
A PHP is not residential treatment unless there is an emergency in which the patient is of course allowed to stay the night. This allows for patients to slowly wean off of addiction treatment and try their hand at sober living, similarly to how medical detox weans their body off of a drug or alcohol.
A good candidate for partial hospitalization is someone who has methods to control their mental health illness, relapse prevention tips, the willingness to avoid substance abuse, nearby loved ones and reliable transportation.

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programs or IOPs consist of 9 hours of treatment per week. Patients can do a variety of different things with these 9 hours.
Some people are placed into groups and they are sent on fun excursions each week to talk about their drug and alcohol addiction while learning a new hobby.
Some outpatient addiction treatment will use a mix of activities and coming into the recovery center to receive more formal therapy for behavioral health as well as medication. IOPs are designed specifically with each patient in mind, as each person has different limits.
A good candidate for intensive outpatient treatment has a treatment plan for their mental health issues and possible crises. These patients have relapse prevention techniques and live with other people who are drug and alcohol free. These patients are willing to come into the treatment center for addiction treatment and they have reliable transportation to get there.

Stay Supported with Alcoholics Anonymous & Other Meetings

When an alcohol or drug addict goes through addiction treatment, they need a lot of support. A sense of community is required because their mental health can often make them feel alone. No matter where you are in the process of addiction recovery, a support group should be part of your treatment plan.
These programs have been up and running for years and they are highly effective in helping those with drug and alcohol problems.

AA Meetings

The well-known circle of people clapping for people in alcohol rehab has been around for almost 100 years. While it is not exactly how it is in movies, people do clap for your accomplishments.
Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on the basis that people in alcohol rehab would follow a 12 Step Program and attend meetings. The 12 Step Program is based on the idea that patients must surrender to their addiction, make amends with those they have hurt and move on to a new life.
With the step program comes meetings. These meetings are community based and encourage open discussion about anything recovery related. This could be relapse prevention skills, mental health issues, detox programs you like or dislike. This could be what life is like without substance abuse or how alcohol detox saved you.
It is recommended and enforced that AA meetings remain anonymous and do not bring controversial topics into meetings. Politics and religion are meant to stay out of the discussion on drugs and alcohol, because the meetings are about coming together over the common purpose of addiction treatment.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous, or NA for short, was founded a few years after AA. This program is for people who have substance abuse and addiction problems with drugs. It follows the same structure, otherwise.
Prescription drugs have become more and more addictive. Street versions of these prescription drugs often become illicit drugs and people get hooked on them fast. It is important for drug addicts to have a safe space to talk about their addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is simply not the same.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

For those of you who have a loved one suffering from addiction, these meetings are just for you. They will provide you with a community of those who understand your struggles with drug addiction or alcoholism.
Most co-occurring disorders are found to be genetic. This means that loved ones of an alcoholic or drug addict can struggle a lot trying to help. Loved ones have their own set of problems and need a place to go to talk about them.
Al Anon and Nar Anon are very well liked for family support. Do not shy away from receiving tips about behavioral health, wellness and how to take care of yourself and a loved one without becoming overwhelmed.
The following links will lead you to schedules of these helpful meetings.

Recovery in the Festival City

Now that you know your option, do not hesitate to call and look at some rehab programs available to you. Alcohol and drug addiction can be deadly. The last thing we want to happen is to see substance abuse and addiction worsen when it can get better.
Cedar City is beautiful, it is covered in fun things to do and recovery can simply be one of those things. We wish you well on your journey to happy, sober living.

24/7 Help for Drug & Alcohol Use

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