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West Valley City, Utah is a city in Salt Lake City County. It’s located in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, and it’s the second-largest city in Utah. Like surrounding Salt Lake City, West Valley City has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, as well as other forms of drug and alcohol use. The entire metro area of Salt Lake City has seen a spike in drug activity, as well as deaths related to drugs and alcohol. There are West Valley City, UT addiction treatment options available, ranging from inpatient and outpatient rehab to West Valley City AA meetings. Whether someone stays near West Valley City for substance abuse treatment, or goes out-of-state, it can change their lives.
The state of Utah, despite its strong affiliate with the Mormon church, has the 7th highest drug overdose rate in the U.S. Statistics show that six people from Utah die of an opioid overdose every week, and 80 percent of people in Utah who now use heroin started with prescription narcotics.
A recent report shows an expected spike in deaths related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide in Utah, including in West Valley City. It’s projected that the rate of death from alcohol, drugs, and suicide could rise from 50 to 70 deaths per 100,000 people by 2025. This would represent an increase of 40 percent.
It would bring Utah from 15th in the nation to 14th.
The organization that created the report says that the misuse of drugs and alcohol are indicators of underlying concerns, including a feeling of despair and pain that then leads to adverse outcomes. There is a call for solutions including early identification of problems, as well as effective treatment.
While many drug and addiction statistics in Utah center around opioids, since the entire nation is being gripped by an opioid crisis, there are other concerns as well. For example, binge drinking leads to more than 700 deaths in Utah every year. Utah is one of the top states in the nation in terms of deaths from alcohol poisoning.

So what’s the solution? At the individual level, the solution can lie in effective, compassionate addiction treatment. West Valley City, UT addiction treatment can bring a sense of hope not only to an individual struggling with substance abuse but to their family. Whether someone suffers from heroin addiction, another form of drug abuse, or alcohol addiction, hope is available.

West Valley City Rehabilitation Options

When people consider rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol, it can be overwhelming. Not only is there the fear of the unknown and the possibility that they will be leaving their home and family for treatment, but they may not know where to begin to find the right program for them.
Many times it’s not even the addicted individual who’s doing the research to find West Valley City rehabilitation options. Instead, their family may be searching for drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment for them.
Choosing the right West Valley City alcohol treatment or drug treatment is a big decision. Much of the decision is based on the individual and their addiction. There’s no one right answer for everyone, but there are some general questions that can help guide the decision as to which type of drug treatment or alcohol treatment program could be a good fit.
Is the person using drugs or alcohol comfortable leaving home for treatment? Many inpatient rehab programs may be located in a state outside of Utah, so the willingness to travel is a consideration.

  • Does the person prefer a faith-based or 12-step treatment program?
  • Are there potential underlying mental health disorders that need to be addressed?
  • Has the person previously tried other alcohol treatment or drug treatment programs and then relapsed?
  • How long has drug or alcohol abuse been going on? How severe is the addiction?

It’s not uncommon for a person to begin in one type of treatment or try a program and then find that it’s not the right fit for them. There are also programs with different steps, so someone could begin with a very intensive program and then gradually move into programs with more flexibility as they progress in their recovery.

Suboxone Clinics and Methadone Clinics in West Valley City

Different drug and alcohol treatment approaches may be available. One option is called medication-assisted treatment or MAT. MAT can involve some different medicines that are intended to be used along with treatment. MAT is specifically used with opioid addiction and dependence, but can also be used for alcohol dependence.
Two drugs, in particular, are associated with MAT. These are suboxone and methadone. Someone who’s abusing or addicted to prescription opioids or heroin may seek out Suboxone clinics or methadone clinics in West Valley City.
These clinics are highly regulated, and people can go there to receive either Suboxone or methadone. Both have effects similar to opioids, but they are less potent. The idea with Suboxone and methadone is that it can help people avoid withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of relapse as they seek treatment.
Visiting methadone clinics in West Valley City or suboxone clinics might not be right for everyone, however. Sometimes people can form a dependence on these drugs, and they are essentially replacing one dependence with another.
If you are interested in learning more about Suboxone or methadone treatment, and how to determine if it’s right for you, contact Amethyst Recovery Center.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in West Valley City, UT

West Valley City Rehab Facilities

West Valley City rehab facilities aren’t all the same, and the programs can all be very different from one another. There are different levels of care available, and it’s important to explore the options and find the right fit.

West Valley City Inpatient Rehab

A West Valley City inpatient rehab program is also called residential rehab. This is the most common way for people to receive treatment for substance use disorder. There are some advantages to an inpatient rehab program as compared to outpatient programs, at least when a person first begins treatment.
Since participants live in the facility during inpatient drug treatment, they receive a lot of personal attention and care, as well as supervision. There’s a high level of structure, and these environments tend to be very supportive. Inpatient rehab is often the most effective addiction treatment option for people with severe and ongoing addiction problems, addictions to multiple substances, or people with underlying mental health disorders, also called co-occurring disorders.
At an inpatient rehab, participants do have to spend time away from their home, and they aren’t able to choose when they come or go. The programs are rigorous and intensive, and the full focus of the program is on treatment and recovery, as well as relapse prevention.
Inpatient rehab can be advantageous because it reduces outside stress, and eliminates triggers that could lead to someone relapsing. These programs also often include supplemental therapies and different treatment modalities. Inpatient addiction treatment is holistic in its nature and approach, which offers the best chance for a successful recovery for many people struggling with addiction in Utah.

West Valley City Partial Hospitalization

Another option is a partial hospitalization program. This program is somewhat of a hybrid or a middle ground between inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. A partial hospitalization program does often allow for the flexibility to continue going to school or work, but there may be intensive treatment that happens at the same time.

Many people will begin with a West Valley City inpatient rehab program, and then gradually move into more freedom with partial hospitalization

West Valley City Outpatient Rehab

The most flexible and least restrictive program is outpatient rehab. With outpatient rehab, there are no requirements as to where a person sleeps or when they come and go. Outpatient rehab offers more autonomy and independence.
Outpatient rehab in West Valley City can take many different forms. It could be group therapy where the group comes together several times a week to share and talk. Outpatient rehab could be individual one-on-one therapy at set times throughout the week. There may be outpatient rehab that includes medication management and management of mental health symptoms as well.
Also available are intensive outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient rehab usually has an hourly weekly requirement participants must meet. For example, some intensive outpatient rehab programs require people have at least nine hours of treatment a week.
Outpatient rehab can be part of an aftercare plan following inpatient drug or alcohol treatment. If outpatient rehab is attended on its own, it’s usually best for someone with a mild addiction, or maybe a newer, shorter-term addiction problem.

West Valley City AA Meetings and Support

Addiction is a disease that is chronic, and it requires ongoing treatment. One component of ongoing treatment and relapse prevention is often participation in some type of support group or meeting. What often works best is that people attend a rehab program, whether that’s inpatient or outpatient.
Following rehab, they then find resources back at home that can help them maintain their drug and alcohol-free lifestyle and feel supported and accountable. Two of the options that most people go with are either Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, but there are other options available as well.
When someone participates in a rehab program, their team of addiction treatment specialists and counselors will often work with them to create an aftercare plan. An aftercare plan is an important part of preventing relapse, even when returning to one’s home environment after a stay in rehab. Aftercare plans often call for participation in a local West Valley City support group like AA or NA.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Whether or not you attend rehab if you feel you have a problem with alcohol a West Valley City Alcoholics Anonymous program can be an excellent resource. During AA, people come together in a safe and supportive environment to share their experiences and to hear from others.
The only requirement to participate in a West Valley City AA meeting is the desire to stop drinking or remain alcohol-free.
AA is based on a 12-step, faith-based program and there is a focus on the idea of a higher power.
Participating in a West Valley City AA meeting can work for someone who’s at any stage of recovery. It can also be a resource for someone still drinking, but who has a strong, sincere desire to stop. Many alcohol treatment programs that take place in inpatient or even outpatient settings will often start introducing concepts of the 12 steps, so it’s something people are comfortable with after leaving rehab.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Another option if you’ve participated in drug treatment is Narcotics Anonymous or NA. Finding a West Valley City NA meeting has the same benefits of AA, but meetings are geared toward people who struggle with drug abuse rather than alcohol abuse.
It helps a lot of people to find a local meeting they can attend several times a week or more, whether they’re feeling strong or weak in their sobriety and dedication to remain drug-free.
Sometimes just having that connection with other people who also struggle with drug addiction can be such a powerful tool.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

When you hear that drug addiction and alcoholism are family diseases, it’s a very honest statement. There’s hardly a situation where only the person using drugs or alcohol is affected. It affects the people around them and the people who love them.
For families of addicts, there are Utah Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings available. These meetings are similar in style, format and overall approach to AA and NA, but they are geared toward the needs of people who love addicts.

SMART Recovery Meetings

Not everyone feels like the 12-step format of AA or NA is right for them. There are other Utah recovery and support group resources available too. One such option is called Smart Recovery. Smart Recovery is built on something called a 4-Point Program.
The 4-Point Program is intended to help people overcome all kinds of addictive behaviors including drug addiction and alcoholism.
Smart Recovery is not a 12-step program, and the focus isn’t on a higher power. The focus of Smart Recovery is on accountability and personal responsibility.

Ending Addiction with West Valley City, UT Addiction Rehab, Treatment Centers & Alcoholics Anonymous

There are so many options available to people in West Valley City, Salt Lake City and all of Utah in terms of addiction treatment, whether that’s drug treatment or alcohol treatment. It’s easy to feel alone in addiction, whether you’re struggling personally or your loved one is. However, stopping the cycle of addiction and its devastating effects requires the right tools and resources.
Contact Amethyst Recovery to learn more about how a drug treatment or alcohol treatment program can change the course of your life, and give you or your loved one those necessary tools and resources.

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