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Destin, Florida is a beach town appropriately nicknamed “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” The city is known for beautiful white sand beaches, sunny skies and blue water. Because of this, Destin is a popular place to visit and to live.
Being a beautiful place has its ups and downs. Since 2006, Florida has seen 731 deaths from Hydrocodone. 390,000 residents are said to use cocaine each year. This number is growing as the prescription of drugs has been more lenient in recent years.
The good that comes out of this sad information is that 79,322 people went to a Florida drug and alcohol rehab in 2009. This number has also grown, as the opioid crisis has brought national attention to what communities can do to help their citizens.
Let’s take a look at what it means to get help for a drug addiction in Destin, Florida. Here is your guide to rehab, treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous in this paradise of a city.

Medical Detox in Destin

The very important first step in ridding your body of chemical dependency is a medical detox. When a patient chooses to come into our rehab facility, they are experiencing a number of withdrawal symptoms.
A patient in need of alcohol or drug detox is probably addicted to a drug. That being said, substance abuse that has not yet turned into a drug addiction can still cause a patient to feel withdrawal symptoms. Here are some drugs that are commonly abused by addicts in the United States:

    • Alcohol

    • Cocaine

    • OxyContin

    • Ambien

    • Xanax

    • Klonopin

    • Marijuana

    • Heroin

All of these substances cause a range of symptoms that affect both mental health and physical health. Here are some common withdrawal symptoms that are usually seen across the board with drug addiction:

    • Irritability

    • Muscle aches and pains

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Trouble regulating sleep

    • Increased or decreased appetite

    • Skin issues

Depending on the drug of choice or in the case of alcohol addiction, there are different withdrawal symptoms that apply more specifically.
The main focus in a medical detox is to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible as they are going through the process addiction treatment. This is done through the use of prescription drugs.
The treatment facility offers medication and pain management through medical professionals. These prescription drugs do a variety of things that help an addict cope. Some of them will mimic the effects of a drug and others will make the pain of some symptoms go away.
Most of the prescription drugs used in a medical detox are non-addictive. They are all used  purely for wellness and ease of pain. Most medical detox programs occur in a hospital setting, or in a rehab facility with medical professionals.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Destin, FL

There are various levels of care provided by recovery centers from which patients can choose. Given that every drug addict or abuser is different, there needs to be treatment options that can suit all these different kinds of people.

It is important to take note of what you or your loved one is hoping to gain from going to addiction treatment. Knowing your purpose makes it easier to decide which treatment plan to go with.

The length of treatment can be short term or long term. Patients can also increase or decrease the intensity of their drug and alcohol treatment as needed. Some factors that influence the length of a treatment plan are:

    • If the patient has been seen at a treatment center before

    • The severity of the substance abuse or addiction problem

    • If the patient has a dual diagnosis

    • Financial reasons

At Amethyst, private insurance is accepted to make drug and alcohol treatment more affordable. This is the case with many rehab facilities. Let’s take a look into what makes each level of care different from one another.

Destin Alcohol Treatment Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

Inpatient Rehab Center

Inpatient rehab is the second most intensive kind of rehab. Aside from the medical detox, this is the kind of addiction treatment where drug addicts are the most supervised. It is often referred to as residential treatment because patients live in the recovery center.
Each patient has access to many treatment options since they live in the treatment center and have  addiction specialists working with them everyday. There are teams of staff around at all times that are readily available to help patients as needed.
Being in residential treatment doesn’t mean that addiction recovery is the focus one hundred percent of the time. We offer the opportunity to exercise, go on fun adventures, play video games and simply relax.
Living with people that are getting used to sober living and being so close to the beach means making new memories that are not involved with drugs and alcohol.
A good candidate for residential treatment is someone who has co-occurring disorders. They made need special help for a mental illness in relation to substance abuse issues. Anyone who needs serious supervision and a break from daily stress should come to inpatient rehab.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Programs or PHPs are a step down from inpatient treatment. They are less supervised because the patients are not living in the treatment center.
Depending on the treatment center, PHPs require a certain amount of time to be spent in the actual facility focussing on recovery. Patients are then supposed to put their coping skills into practice in daily, sober living situations.
Patients have time during the day to focus on daily tasks and get used to sober living. They also take time out of their day to focus on recovery. There is more of a balance than with residential treatment.
Similar to inpatient treatment, someone seeking addiction treatment will be given a team of experts to help them out. These professionals work closely with patients and help them to navigate their treatment program.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient treatment is the least supervised treatment option. Outpatient rehab centers in Destin are very attractive because they are close to the beach. This provides many fun activities for  patients in their free time.
day outpatient treatment program consists of serious supervision throughout the day. These programs last for 30 days and really focus on different kinds of workshops that help the patient function in daily life.
At Amethyst, different treatment programs are offered that patients can choose from while they go through their day program. These can be anything from addiction education sessions to anger management coaching sessions.
Click here for a closer look at the other treatment programs offered in a day outpatient program.

Continuing Care with Recovery Support Groups in Destin

Continued care after a patient leaves addiction treatment is extremely important. Once a patient decides to become clean and sober, they are always recovering in some way.
There are many challenges to face once you leave an addiction treatment center. Substance abuse is still possible if you are not supported. A key player in making sure that you are supported, is community support groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 as a national organization that helps recovering addicts. The program is focussed on following the 12 step program. The 12 steps are small goals that addicts take to achieve the overall goal of a better life.
AA meetings are a huge part of the Alcoholics Anonymous agenda. These meetings are held daily and often to provide a safe space for alcoholics to discuss how they’re doing and learn helpful skills to cope.
AA meetings are anonymous. This means that information shared by any past or recovering alcohol addict should not be repeated to anyone. No one should be talked about outside of meetings unless you are concerned for their immediate physical health.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous was founded in 1953 in response to the success of Alcoholics Anonymous. While AA focusses on Alcohol, NA focuses on drugs or mind altering substances.
Unfortunately, addiction to narcotics has been on the rise for many years now. Drug addicts are getting easier access to addictive prescription drugs. Illicit drugs are being laced with chemicals that cause drug addiction very fast.
Narcotics Anonymous is another safe space that drug addicts can learn, heal and express. Just like AA meetings, these meetings are private and should not be discussed out of the room.

Lead a Healthier Life with Help Destin from Rehab Centers

Whether you want to stay local in the beautiful beach town of Destin, or travel a bit farther to change your surroundings, call a treatment center today. Learn your treatment options and think about what specific rehab options work for you.
A medical center can provide help for physical needs, but a treatment center specifically for drug and alcohol addiction, provides you with medical and mental health help. Rehab really is an amazing route to take for anyone who is struggling with substance abuse.
You don’t need to hit rock bottom and have a drug addiction to seek help. There is a path for everyone.
Call us today at (877) 957-6237 or talk to a helper on our website to get direct help planning a treatment program. Get answers all of the frequently asked questions that you may need to learn about.

24/7 Help for Drug & Alcohol Use

If you or someone you love is suffering from the addiction, there is no reason to delay. Start working on a solution today. Our phones are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are trained to deal with drug and alcohol problems of any kind, and will recommend the right treatment for you based on your situation. Call now!

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