Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Kissimmee, Florida

Nobody should have to deal with an addiction. If you’re struggling yourself, it’s time to get help. Amethyst Recovery Center can provide you with the information you need to find the right resources in Kissimmee.

Another city that’s blessed with beautiful Florida climate is Kissimmee. This city is located right in the middle of Osceola County. It’s a family-oriented destination that’s known for having famous theme parks, endless sunshine and everything you’d want in a vacation. This city is the perfect place for short vacations, as well as long-term stays.

To combat the growing addiction problem, there are many Kissimmee drug and alcohol treatment centers, and addiction resources available. Residents can rely on these resources for addiction treatment help if they struggle with a substance use disorder. Many of these facilities also specialize in dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders. Some even offer recovery meetings in Kissimmee, Florida.

Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources

Addiction treatment usually starts with alcohol or drug detox. Medical detox helps lessen the intensity of withdrawal symptoms for both alcohol and drugs. It makes it easier for recovering addicts to get clean. It also helps prevent relaxants.

To get medical detox, you’ll need to go to detox centers in Kissimmee, Florida. Detox centers can offer a wide variety of treatment options. Some detox centers specialize in specific medications. The best detox center for you will depend on your addiction. It will also depend on the intensity of your addiction.

Amethyst Recovery Center can help you find a detox center in Kissimmee, Florida that’s right for you. Our addiction specialists will determine the addiction treatment program that is right for you.

Suboxone Clinics and Methadone Clinics

These medication-assisted treatment facilities provide injections of medications that ease withdrawal symptoms, although each medication has its potential drawbacks. Methadone often becomes abused, essentially replacing one problem with a different problem. Suboxone, while offering a lower potential for abuse, may still allow for some dependence and requires a long period of use.

The type of medication that you use will depend on the type of addiction you have. If you have an opioid addiction, you’ll likely rely on a Suboxone or methadone clinic in Kissimmee, Florida to get sober. These detox centers will provide you with the right treatment plan needed to get sober.

There are some drawbacks to using this type of medicine. For one, these prescription medications are addictive. They are controlled substances. Due to this reason, their administration must be carefully monitored by medical professionals. To prevent patients from developing a secondary addiction, Kissimmee Suboxone and methadone clinics will need to slowly taper patients off of this drug. This can take some time. Patients will need to slowly take a smaller and smaller dose until they can eventually quit the drug.

Getting Help in Kissimmee: How to Choose the Right Facility

When it comes to addiction recovery, there is no single approach that will work for everyone. Knowing this, addiction professionals from Kissimmee rehab centers are skilled at placing each person in the facility that is unique and personal to their needs. With various facilities available, and each one offering a different type of care, you must familiarize yourself with the treatment options that are offered. There are three common options available, ranging from intimate and close-knit to more casual and flexible environments.

As it can be difficult to choose the right method of treatment, it is recommended that you speak to a representative at Amethyst Recovery Center for more information. He or she will have the necessary experience to guide you down the right path.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Kissimmee, Florida

Residential or Inpatient Treatment

Kissimmee rehab facilities offer a wide range of treatment options for individuals facing mild to serious addiction. The inpatient rehab program provides care to those suffering from serious addiction. In order to combat serious addiction, the inpatient rehab program provides the deepest level of care in comparison to other Kissimmee drug or alcohol treatment facilities. This program provides patients with care throughout all hours of the day.

As with all inpatient programs, patients are required to live at the facility. Patients usually stay 28-90 days at the clinic, depending on the seriousness of their addiction. While at the clinic, family and friends are encouraged to schedule visits with patients to provide them with added support.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

There are many treatment options in Kissimmee, Florida. Those who are looking for a less intense type of treatment program should highly consider a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). This type of program does not require patients to live at the treatment facility. Instead, patients will travel to the addiction treatment centers in Kissimmee, Florida everyday. Patients receive anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of therapy every day.

This type of treatment program has many advantages. For one, patients still receive a high level of care. Second, they can still return home and take care of other obligations. PHPs also tend to be a more affordable option. There are many rehab centers in Kissimmee, FL that offer this treatment option. Their primary purpose is to find a balance between addiction treatment and personal obligations and responsibilities.

Outpatient Programs

Those who have completed an inpatient programs in Kissimmee or a PHP should highly consider trying an outpatient treatment program. A Kissimmee outpatient treatment program will help patients stay on the right track even after completing their addiction treatment. This type of treatment can help patients avoid relapses.

Outpatient rehabilitation programs in Kissimmee come in two different types. There’s the standard outpatient program and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Both offer substance abuse treatment. With standard programs, patients can receive as much or as little addiction treatment as they need. This will depend on their own individual needs. With IOPs, patients get at least 9 hours of treatment each week. They will usually try out different types of behavioral therapies, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET).

Patients will also receive a lot of individual, family and group counseling. Those seeking outpatient treatment should also look for recovery meetings. When it comes to recovery meetings, Kissimmee has quite a lot to offer. Kissimmee AA meetings are often paired with outpatient programs.

Mental Health Services in Kissimmee, Florida

Did you know that close to 3.8% of adults (according to SAMHSA) in Florida live with detrimental mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression? Mental health issues can often be a result of drug or alcohol use. This is why it is so important to focus on the mental health aspect of recovery just as much as the detox part.

One of the major keys to a successful recovery is having enough support. Many recovering drug addicts and alcoholics often feel as if they’re alone. The important part is remembering that you’re not alone in the struggle. Remember that there are always people out there who are in the same situation. There are also many organizations and Kissimmee rehab centers out there that can help.

Recovery meetings and support groups are key to a successful recovery. They are often part of a patient’s continuing care or aftercare program. Knowing which recovery meetings to look for is half the battle. There are so many different types to choose from. The types of recovery meetings that will be most appropriate for your situation will depend on the type of drug or alcohol addiction you have. If you’re looking for recovery meetings, Kissimmee has a lot to offer.

Kissimmee, Florida Recovery Meetings Near Me

Kissimmee Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings offer support to those who struggle with alcoholism. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings help recovering alcoholics learn how to manage their withdrawal symptoms. They also help them learn how to deal with their frustrations and inner struggles. AA meetings near Kissimmee, Florida follow twelve steps. These twelve traditions have helped millions of recovering alcoholics find salvation.

Finding Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Kissimmee that fit your schedule is not as tough as you think. There are plenty of Kissimmee AA meetings around. Some AA meetings in Kissimmee are hosted in community centers, while others are hosted at local churches. Osceola County Intergroup offers quite a few AA meetings. Kissimmee, Florida AA meetings can provide you with the help you’re looking for.


Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

For those struggling with drug abuse rather than alcohol abuse, Kissimmee Narcotics Anonymous meetings will do the trick. These meetings touch on topics that are related to drug addiction instead of alcohol addiction. There are many different types of meetings. Some are open meetings. These meetings welcome anyone. Others are closed meetings. Closed meetings are reserved for recovering drug addicts only. The addicts can have troubles with any type of substances. Some may be addicted to prescription drugs. Others may be addicted to illicit drugs.

Much like with Kissimmee, Florida AA meetings, finding NA meetings in Kissimmee that fit your schedule won’t be difficult. There are many different meetings hosted throughout the city. Attend the same NA meetings in Kissimmee for best results. Click here for more details.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Other support programs are designed for loved ones of drug addicts and alcoholics. Addiction does not only affect the addict. It affects everyone. Loved ones, like family and friends, often have a difficult time dealing with the addiction as well. Al Anon is a form of alcohol treatment for the loved ones of recovering alcoholics. Nar Anon is for loved ones of drug addicts.

Al Anon and Nar Anon meetings in Kissimmee offer support to loved ones. Loved ones learn more about how they can manage their own feelings and actions to help recovering addicts. Much like with Kissimmee AA and NA meetings, you should try to go to a meeting every week. Members may also receive some sort of behavioral health therapy. They learn more about alcohol and drug addiction, as well as treatment.


SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery meetings are designed primarily for those who prefer a science-based approach over a faith-based one. SMART is an acronym for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This means that these support groups help members learn how to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings on their own. These recovery meetings in Kissimmee also help patients learn how to deal with triggers and develop better habits.

Unlike with Kissimmee AA meetings or NA meetings, SMART Recovery meetings do not follow the same structure as 12-step programs. Various educational lessons are taught at meetings. Also, the meetings welcome anyone. Members may be addicted to either drugs or alcohol. Some may even be addicted to both. This type of therapy may be fundamental to one’s addiction treatment and recovery. It helps patients learn how to deal with substance abuse.

Kissimmee, Florida Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle

When one drug goes away, another tends to come after it. After Florida passed HB 7095 for stricter penalties and consequences for pill mill doctors, a large amount of patients have transformed their opioid addiction into a heroin addiction. Those who were addicted to prescription opioids started to partake in heroin.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths increased significantly in Florida by 5.9 percent from 2016 (23.7 per 100,000) to 2017 (25.1 per 100,000).

Dealing with drug and alcohol addiction is not always easy. Kissimmee rehab centers can offer the substance abuse treatment that’s needed. With help from an addiction specialist, you, too, can turn your life around and get sober.

Here at Amethyst, we are ready to walk you through the entire process and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when beginning the road to recovery. Call us at (888) 447-7724 or contact us here, and begin the journey to a better you today.

24/7 Help for Drug & Alcohol Use

If you or someone you love is suffering from the addiction, there is no reason to delay. Start working on a solution today. Our phones are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are trained to deal with drug and alcohol problems of any kind, and will recommend the right treatment for you based on your situation. Call now!

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