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The fun never stops in Miami Beach, Florida. This coastal resort city is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, so there’s an abundance of beach to go around. The beachside property paired with the warm, temperate weather makes this city an excellent place for beach resorts.
Although beautiful, Miami Beach residents have struggled extensively with drug and alcohol addiction. Drug abuse is common in this city. In fact, it seems like there are many major drug busts happening in this area. In 2016, there was even a major cocaine drug bust in Miami Beach’s VFW Hall.
This is a fairly bold move. The city’s police chief, Dan Oates, lives in the same condo building. The Miami Beach police and fire unions also regular hold meetings there.
This is not the first major drug bust in this city. In fact, statistics show that Miami Beach residents often struggle with more drug problems than most of the nation.
Other than cocaine, opioids, like fentanyl and heroin, are also a huge problem in this city. The same goes for alcohol. It’s easy for drugs to get smuggled into this city. After all, it’s close to the coast. Also, it’s a party city, so there’s a high demand for illicit drugs.
There’s hope for those struggling with either a drug or alcohol addiction. There are many different addiction treatment options and Miami Beach rehab centers available. Finding the right treatment will be a piece of cake. In addition to finding the right addiction treatment, it’s also important to find a support group, like an AA meeting near Miami Beach, FL.

Detox Centers in Miami Beach, Florida

One of the most difficult parts about getting sober is getting through the withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the type of substances that you are addicted to, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite intense. Physical withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. They can lead to death or coma. Psychological withdrawal symptoms can have a huge impact on one’s mental health. It can lead to suicidal thoughts and depression.
If you’re looking to get sober, you might need help from a Miami Beach detox center. There are plenty of options to choose from. Each detox center in Miami Beach will specialize in a specific set of medications. It will also offer different treatment programs.
If you’re interested in pursuing medical detox, you must first understand whether you need it or not. In most cases, it’s better to receive detox than to not receive it at all. In some situations, detox is necessary. For example, delirium tremens is a common, severe withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol abuse. If left untreated, it has a mortality rate between 5% to 15%. The onset of this withdrawal symptom can happen as soon as 20 hours after your last drink.
Medical detox uses medications to wean your body off of addictive substances. The prescription medications basically cleanse your body of all toxins and metabolites. This helps you recover faster. If you’re considering getting help from a detox center, Amethyst Recovery Center can provide you with more information on medical detoxification. We’ll walk you through the entire process, so you’re well-informed of what to expect.

Suboxone and Methadone Clinics

In recent years, many detox centers in Miami Beach have become Suboxone and methadone clinics. These prescription medications are dedicated to treating opioid and opiate addictions. Basically, Suboxone and methadone clinics specialize in Opiate Replacement Therapy (ORT).
Both Suboxone and methadone are opioid agonists. They essentially attach to the same opioid receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) as stronger alternatives, like heroin. This means that these prescription drugs can also be quite addictive. It’s possible for patients to develop a secondary addiction if they’re not careful. It’s also not unusual for patients to require these medications for maintenance treatment. Maintenance treatment can last years.
This is the reason why patients will have to undergo a vigorous and intense taper schedule when coming off of these drugs. The taper schedule needs to be monitored by medical professionals. It’s an incredibly delicate and sensitive process.
Consult with professionals at Amethyst Recovery Center to learn more about medications used to treat opioid addictions. Figure out whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Also, learn more about the pros and cons of each medication.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Miami Beach

Alcohol Treatment Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

Those in need of drug rehab or Miami Beach, FL alcohol rehab will find that there are numerous levels of care open to them. Options include:

Inpatient Rehab Center

If you need a high level of care and would appreciate constant medical supervision, then the best option is a Miami Beach inpatient rehab program. With this type of program, patients will move to the alcohol or drug rehab center. They will stay there until they have completed the entire addiction treatment program.
Inpatient treatment program lengths usually vary from 28 to 90 days. Most treatments only last 28 days. This is the amount of time that it usually takes for brain chemistry levels to return to normal.
This type of residential inpatient treatment is usually most recommended for those who have a serious addiction or for those who have difficulties getting clean. Those who have tried other treatment options in Miami Beach, but have relapsed often, will also benefit from this type of program. They will be able to go over daily reflections of their progress.

Partial Hospitalization

Many alcohol and drug abusers may want some more flexibility and freedom when it comes to addiction treatment. If this applies to you, consider taking a look at partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). While patients will still receive a high level of care, they do not live at the drug or alcohol treatment center.
With this program type, patients receive anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of therapy each day. They will then return home afterward. PHPs are only suitable for a patient if they have a secure and stable home environment to return to.

Outpatient Programs

If you have many obligations or if you cannot live at a treatment center, then you should consider a Miami Beach outpatient rehab program. There are two different types of outpatient programs in Miami Beach: standard outpatient programs and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs).
With standard programs, patients can get as much as 8 hours of therapy each week. They can also commit to as little as only an hour of therapy each week or every other week. With an IOP, patients commit to at least 9 hours of therapy each week. This type of outpatient treatment is incredibly flexible, so patients can choose when they want to go into the American addiction centers for treatment.
Outpatient programs are ideal for those who would like to receive continuing care after completing an inpatient program or PHP in Miami Beach. They offer the most flexibility.

Recovery Meetings in Miami Beach

The key to long-term sobriety is getting emotional and social support from others. The best way of doing so is by attending recovery meetings in or near Miami Beach. Drug or alcohol abusers will have a much easier time getting clean if they have a strong support group. Recovery meetings offer a chance for substance abusers to open up and share their feelings. Dealing with an addiction can be overwhelming, both physically and mentally.
There are plenty of different types of options available if you’re looking for addiction recovery meetings in or near Miami Beach. You can choose between faith-based programs and science-based programs. Take a look at some of the most popular options available for substance abuse treatment in the Miami-Dade inter-group area.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

People in recovery who struggle with alcoholism should highly consider going to Miami Beach Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. This 12-step recovery program is faith-based. Members put their faith in a Higher Power to help them heal and get sober. They follow twelve steps that are basically the same in all 12-step programs. The meetings AA have to offer can help you learn how to deal with your struggles.
Recovering alcoholics get matched up with a sponsor at Miami Beach AA meetings. They also get to vent at the meetings and share their personal struggles. Sometimes, having someone to share your emotions with is enough to help you heal. Look for AA meetings in Miami Beach that fit your timetable. If you’re looking for AA meetings, Miami Beach has a lot offer. It’s best to look for a meeting that you can attend regularly. There’s no harm in attending more than one meeting a week if you need extra support. You can attend more than one AA meeting near Miami Beach, Florida.

Sober On South Beach

1718 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139


1718 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

North Miami Group

822 NE 125th St, North Miami, FL 33161

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Recovering drug addicts who struggle with drug abuse should look for Miami Beach Narcotics Anonymous meetings instead. NA meetings near Miami Beach offer support to those struggling with any type of drug addiction. Members can be addicted to anything from prescription drugs to illicit drugs, like cocaine and heroin.
Miami Beach NA meetings follow the same twelve steps as every other 12-step program. These twelve concepts operate under faith-based principles. These twelve traditions are following in each meeting in the Miami-Dade intergroup. Some of these meetings involve daily reflections. Others deal with other issues, like how to follow the twelve concepts.

Miami Beach Community Church

1620 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


1718 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Little River Club

51 NE 82nd Tr, Miami, FL 33138

Al-Anon and Al-Ateen

Family members and friends of recovering addicts have just a difficult of a time dealing with the addiction as the addicts themselves. They’re often put in emotionally draining and tiring situations. They need to be able to offer support to loved ones struggling with a substance use disorder, while learning how to manage their own anxiety and stress. This isn’t always easy.
These individuals will highly benefit from Al-Anon and Nar Anon meetings. Sharing their struggles with other people can help them relieve stress. Al-Anon and Nar Anon meetings in Miami Beach can help these individuals learn how to be better beacons of support. They also teach them coping strategies to help deal with the stress.

Al-Anon & Al-Ateen

South Miami, FL 33143

SMART Recovery Meetings

Miami Beach SMART recovery meetings are best for those who can better relate to science-based approaches. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This support group in Miami Beach welcomes all types of addicts. Members may struggle with either alcohol abuse or drug abuse.
This type of recovery program in Miami Beach does not follow a 12-step structure or philosophy. Instead, members learn how to take responsibility for their addiction. They also learn how to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Miami Beach, FL Addiction Information

There were 238 overdose deaths in Miami-Dade County in 2013. Many different drugs and alcohol caused these deaths. There was an increase in cocaine overdose deaths during this time. This is no surprise since cocaine is one of the most commonly abused substances in Florida.
Opioids, like hydrocodone, oxycodone and heroin, are also a huge concern for Miami-Dade residents. After all, Florida is known for filling the most opioid prescriptions out of every other state in America. Both drug and alcohol addiction is a huge problem here.
If you’re wondering what to do when struggling with a substance use disorder, just know that you’re not alone in this struggle. There are plenty of other Miami-Dade residents in the same situation. You can get the help you need from addiction treatment centers all over Florida, especially in Miami Beach. We can even help connect you with recovery meetings near Miami Beach. For example, we’ll help you find Miami Beach AA meetings that fit your schedule.
Amethyst Recovery Center can provide you with more information. Our addiction specialists can connect you with all the resources you need, whether it’s in Miami Beach or in another city. We can connect you with rehabs in Miami Beach. We can help you find a treatment plan that works for you, or help you figure out whether your private insurance is accepted at the treatment clinic.

24/7 Help for Drug & Alcohol Use

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