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Addiction is a complex disease affecting a person’s behavior, psychological health, and physical health. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their treatment plan needs to address all of the many effects of addiction. Often, the best approach to addiction treatment is holistic treatment.

Substance abuse frequently occurs as the result of people trying to self-medicate or self-heal. They might want to mask physical or emotional pain through the use of substances, whether it’s alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs.

If an addiction treatment program doesn’t address what a patient is initially trying to mask, conceal or make “better” through the use of substances, the program isn’t tackling root causes of addiction. When all the areas of a person’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being aren’t treated, long-term outcomes may not be as favorable.

The general idea behind any holistic drug and alcohol treatment program is that all three areas of our health are related to one another. If one area is affected by addiction, then the other two areas likely are as well. A holistic approach to addiction treatment deals with each of these areas, which can improve long-term outcomes.

holistic addiction treatment
Holistic addiction treatment seeks to address the overall well-being of a person, rather than just the substance abuse.

Holistic addiction treatment seeks to address the overall well-being of a person, rather than just the substance abuse. Sometimes holistic therapies used in addiction treatment are described as complementary therapies, supplemental therapy or integrative therapy.

The holistic approach to addiction treatment focuses on identifying the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of the individual seeking recovery.

Not one specific approach is effective for all, and individual encouragement for non-traditional methods of substance abuse treatment help to identify one’s personal path of healing.

The holistic treatment utilizes traditional evidenced based addiction treatment models combined with more modern approaches to recovery and healing.

These specific programs are designed to promote the development of insight and knowledge, as well as change behaviors and develop more positive patterns of thought.

Sometimes people will incorrectly assume that holistic treatment means that everything centers on alternative medicine. This typically isn’t true, especially of holistic care at Amethyst. Instead, scientific and evidence-based approaches to addiction treatment are utilized. They just occur within the framework of the needs of the whole person.

What Happens During Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic treatment addresses the mind, the body, and the spiritual components of a person and their integration with one another.

The idea behind the holistic treatment is that all of these are related to one another, and it’s difficult, if not impossible to treat one part if the other areas are being ignored.

With holistic addiction treatment, participants typically do begin with a medical detox, just as they would in traditional treatment programs. They can then begin treatment.

A holistic treatment program for addiction may include a focus on:

  • The physical symptoms and effects of withdrawal as well as addiction
  • Emotional imbalances or issues that may have led to substance abuse, or might have resulted from substance abuse
  • Reversing the indirect effects of addiction – for example, helping people learn the basics of good nutrition as their body repairs itself following a period of substance abuse
  • The body’s systems are often unbalanced when someone abuses substances and needs to heal as a result. Holistic treatment can help promote this sense of physical healing, along with treating the psychological and emotional effects of addiction.
  • Supplemental or alternative therapies that might be part of treatment can include meditation, yoga, prayer, mindfulness training, or physical exercise and activities.

The Benefits of a Holistic Approach

  • With a holistic addiction treatment program, patients start to better understand why they turned to drugs or alcohol originally, which can be useful in preventing relapse
  • A holistic treatment program also relies on traditional addiction therapy approaches, which can improve outcomes
  • The environment can feel not only safe and supportive but also peaceful and like a reprieve for the individuals in treatment
  • The focus is on long-term recovery, rather than temporarily stopping one’s use of drugs or alcohol
  • There is diversity in treatment approaches, which can prove more effective overall
  • Holistic treatment can help a person learn skills that they can carry into their daily lives to reduce stress and reduce the risk of relapse
  • Holistic treatment lends itself well to highly tailored, individualized treatment plans, which is an important part of improving outcomes following rehab
  • Chronic pain is often a contributing factor to prescription drug addiction, and holistic therapies can be helpful in this area in particular

You will so often hear that you are more than your addiction, and holistic treatment speaks to that concept. Someone with an addiction is much more than their use of that drug or the use of alcohol. They are a complex person with varying needs, experiences and complexities. One of the best ways for addiction to be treated is with an understanding of the whole person.

Clients at Amethyst Recovery Center are encouraged to choose their own level of participation in our holistic addiction treatment program. For many, simply beginning each day with a few minutes of meditation may prove positive, while others might prefer to close out their days with a healing yoga session.

Just as each of our clients has followed a different path to arrive at Amethyst, we encourage them to decide upon their own participation in these groups so that they may receive the greatest benefit from them.

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