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Sarah Thomas
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Sarah Thomas

Admissions Manager

Sarah Thomas, although from Atlanta Georgia, has lived on the east coast of Florida where she attended Valencia College after completing high school. Ms. Thomas always had a passion to help people, so she decided to pursue a degree in health science and psychology. Ms. Thomas completed her CNA certification and was on the path to becoming a BSN, but after school partying became a big part of her life just like the average college student. Ms. Thomas struggled with addiction for many years, and managed to recover after an abundance of hard work and discipline. Ms. Thomas decided to change her career path and work in the field of addiction, as a behavioral health technician so she can give back to the new coming alcoholic and addict. Ms. Thomas always had a natural instinct for helping and guiding, so she used her exceptional communication, leadership, and people management skills to branch off into Admissions Management. Ms. Thomas has established herself as the Admission’s Director of Amethyst Treatment Center from her hard work and ambition for success. Ms. Thomas fits the role of the Admissions Director from her experience in addiction and effectively coordinating various principles, policies, procedures, and regulations to effectively admit struggling drug and alcohol users. Ms. Thomas specializes in insurance verification and authorization, while helping guide families and individuals through the intake process. Ms. Thomas works directly with the clinical team to insure that all clients get the best possible care.
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