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Alcohol Recovery ResourcesAlcohol abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction are common issues that are on the increase.

Alcohol and drugs affect one in eight American adults, according to a 2017 study published in JAMA Psychiatry.

The good news is that it is something that can be managed with alcohol and drug treatment programs, and the alcohol recovery resources and addiction treatment resources are out there to help people who want to try to limit their alcohol use.

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Tips for Alcohol Recovery: Guide to Substance Abuse Treatments

Alcohol recovery is a difficult thing. May people assume that if they are struggling with alcoholism their only options are to go to 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, their doctor, or their church.

This is not necessarily the case.

While the Alcoholics Anonymous can be a useful resource for a lot of people, not everyone wants to use the methods.

Alcohol Recovery ResourcesHowever, The 12-step program is proven to be effective for a lot of people but it is not one size fits all, and sometimes those who feel that it is not a fit end up mistakenly believing that there are no options out there to help them with their addiction.

There are many other programs that can help people with addiction. If you are struggling with alcohol then you can access a wealth of resources in your state.

There are treatment programs and rehab options to suit people from all walks of life, whether they are functioning alcoholics who want long term light touch support or people who have hit rock bottom and need more intensive assistance.

Don’t delay, seek advice as soon as possible and you will find that your chances of making a full recovery and controlling your life again increase dramatically.

Alcohol Therapy Recovery Process

Alcohol recovery can be a long and slow process, and many people do relapse. Men are more likely to relapse than women, and it is thought that this is because women are more likely to access group support, and therefore are more likely to be able to make it through the process and get over any challenging periods.

The process of recovery includes:

  • Recognizing that there is a problem and that a change is needed
    Accessing support to change habits.
  • Joining a program whether that is a twelve step, inpatient program, or outpatient program.
  • Making the transition to lifelong sobriety and possible continuing care.

It is this last stage which is difficult for many people.

The support offered in sobriety programs is invaluable, but many find that when they make the transition to day to day life, they are exposed to the old temptations and challenges and this makes them more likely to relapse.

Finding coping strategies for this is an integral part of recovery.

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Alcohol Addiction Recovery Quizzes and Questionnaires

One of the first things that a person needs to do before they can start the recovery process is identify and accept that they are addicted.

If you are reading this and are concerned that you may have an addiction, then you are in a good position, because you have enough awareness to be willing to consider the process of addiction recovery.

Alcohol Recovery Resources It is a good idea to seek advice to determine whether your drinking is at the level where it could be a problem, or whether you have a clear addiction.

Even problem drinking is worth trying to get under control, but the mechanisms for recovery may differ slightly depending on the severity of the issue.

This 20 question alcohol addicton quiz could help you to determine whether you have an issue with drinking or substance abuse disorder:


This is another ‘am I addicted’ quiz which could help you to determine whether you are addicted to using a substance, and what sort of support you should be looking for:


Alcohol Recovery Workbook PDF & Worksheets

Many people find that they can achieve a lot with self-help.

Things like identifying risk factors and triggers, and keeping a substance use diary can help to get cravings under control.

Some useful self-help workbooks include:


Offering Encouragement for Family and Young Adults in Recovery

Young adults and college students in particular face a lot of challenges when it comes to recovery.

In some states, abstinence education still persists as the most common method of controlling the use of drugs or alcohol.

The main issue with this is that it creates a mindset of ‘forbidden fruit’, which can lead to people choosing to indulge and then going to extremes.

Alcohol Recovery ResourcesIt can also create feelings of shame in those who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders which can make it harder for them to seek advice and help, and makes it harder for them to get through the difficult parts of recovery.

If people are reluctant to ask for support when they are struggling then they are going to find it harder to stay sober once they return to the outside world.

For this reason, it is important that you offer young adults help and support, and that they know that they can come to you if you need help with any part of their recovery from addiction.

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Meditation and Yoga Practice in Alcohol Recovery

Many people turn to alcohol because they are stressed and struggling with the challenges of day to day life.

For those people, turning to something to help them with mindfulness and to control stress is often a good idea.

Meditation can help people to cope with alcoholism. In fact, Alcoholics Anonymous recommends daily meditation as one of the steps to sobriety.

Yoga is a form of meditative movement that helps with mindfulness and also helps because it releases endorphins which can help people to feel better in general.

Many people find that the act of de-stressing when meditating can be invaluable for keeping up their willpower when they are faced with challenges and the urge to drink.

Online Alcohol Recovery Resources: Hotline, Chat Rooms and Websites

Some people find that they deal with alcoholism a lot better if they have someone that they can talk to and someone that will be their accountability buddy, whether that is a person that they know in real life, or someone that they talk to online or over the phone.

There are many alcohol recovery resources for people who are struggling with the condition, including:


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Hotline (open 24 hours a day)


Alcohol Hotline (open 24 hours a day) 800-331-2900

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(open 23 hours a day) 80-662-HELP


Forums offer people who are struggling with drugs and alcohol a chance to ask for help and advice, read resources, and talk at their own pace.

Some people struggle with talking on the phone and find forums better as alcohol recovery resources because they are a little stressful in terms of having a slower pace.

Some useful forums include:


Chat Rooms

AAChats.org is a chat room that is intended for people who are dealing with alcohol, you can find It at:


What makes this group particularly beneficial is that it is open only to people who are struggling with alcoholism, it is not for family members and friends. This makes it a private, safe space.

Family members and friends of alcoholics who are looking for support can visit al-anon.org.

Healthfulchat.org is another chat group that is aimed at people who are struggling with drugs and alcohol.

This chat group is open to men and women who are looking for support.


These alcohol recovery resources are just a few of the most common ones that are available to people. Ask your family doctor for more advice.

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