Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment, Effects & SympToms

Methamphetamine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant that’s largely utilized as a recreational drug and less commonly as a second-line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity.


Introduction to Meth

Meth-Rehab-Door-Recovery-ChangeMethamphetamine, meth or crystal meth pops up in pop culture, through the us and many other places around the world. This dangerous, addictive drug is known to produce a sense of euphoria, a rush of energy and major mood swings. Crystal meth can be taken in many forms. You can smoke meth, snort meth and also inject it into the bloodstream. Each of these methods is extremely dangerous.

Ultimately, drug addiction to crystal meth can do damage to the brain. The brain’s receptors form a chemical dependency on meth pretty quickly. This leaves meth abusers feeling depressed, dealing with “meth mouth” and in a lot of pain. It also makes the idea that they have to stop taking meth really hard.

To break down how a person gets helped for crystal meth addiction, there is a lot to learn. Rehab is not the same across the board. There are different programs for different people. Because of how addicted meth addicts can get after the first use, going to a treatment center for help is the recommended course of action. Here is a brief look into how we go about meth addiction here at Amethyst.

Connect with a Meth Rehab Center for Addiction Services

Meth rehab is a very overarching term. But, the very core of the recovery philosophy is that accepting powerlessness over your addiction. This means that going to rehab is the best way to recover because you do not have to do it alone.

Drug abusers can and should feel safe coming to Amethyst for addiction rehab. There are varying levels of care from inpatient to outpatient. In addition, there are different kinds of therapy programs for different people. The foundation of going to meth rehab is simply to learn, change and grow. Mental health and comfort are the most important.

Going Deeper: Meth Detox

The process for meth detox consists of withdrawal symptoms and medication management. A patient who is addicted to crystal meth will be assessed. From there, medical professionals will figure out what prescription drugs are needed to make the patient feel better.

There also needs to be awareness for what is happening to the body. Common symptoms of meth abuse is dry mouth, loss of appetite, and tooth decay. When a person has a substance use disorder, they sometimes don’t even realize the negative changes in their body.

The long term effects of taking crystal meth can stick around. This can be depression, mood swings and even psychosis. These signs and symptoms can be managed with a medical doctor. Because brain damage and physical pain are likely to occur, it’s important to focus on the medical detox before jumping into therapy. It’s harder to focus on mental health when you don’t feel good.

Get help for your loved one’s meth dependence

If your loved one suffers from meth, it can be a crushing thing. The important thing to remember is that they are suffering from a disease. While meth can cause behavior that is distressing, it is important to remember that first and foremost, meth addicts need help.

Instead of chastising and trying to shame an meth addict into sobering up, the most important thing is to get them enrolled in a comprehensive recovery program. Simply removing the drug or ordering them to stop using will not sufficient, and getting angry may only make the problem worse. If your loved one is a meth addict, your primary goal should be to get them into treatment as quickly as possible.

Inpatient Treatment

Changes in the brain are very severe when it comes to crystal meth. Inpatient rehab, for this reason, is the most effective option for crystal meth addicts.

This kind of treatment is the most intensive and structured. There are staff around the clock that understand withdrawal symptoms, behavioral health issues and generally how to make someone feel comfortable.

Living in the recovery center means that becoming clean and sober is a focus 24/7. The period of time that you stay in the recovery center does not matter. Until you feel comfortable leaving without taking the drug, you can stay and keep working on your long term health.

Partial Hospitalization

A partial hospitalization program or PHP is known to be the middle ground between inpatient and outpatient rehab. There is more flexibility in the structure of the addiction treatment, but a time commitment is required.

Because the effects of meth are strong, it is recommended that patients walk down from inpatient rehab. A partial hospitalization followed by an outpatient program is a great way to wean off of the recovery center.

Leaving residential treatment without a gradual change increases risk of relapse. It’s good to slowly change the intensity of your rehab program.

Outpatient Program

Meth-Rehab-Recovery-OceanOutpatient rehabs provide drug abusers who are busy with a great way to recovery and live their busy lives all at once. Some outpatient rehabs are centered simply on education. This could be about meth addiction, general drug addiction or relapse prevention skills. Other outpatient rehabs focus on group therapy as a way to bring drug addicts together. Groups can participate in fun activities and talk about their experiences together.

A patient in outpatient therapy should be willing to come into the treatment center and participate. No matter what drug or alcohol it is, an outpatient program only works if the patient was the desire to show up and learn. If you feel like you may end up taking the drug when you leave the treatment center, it is encouraged that you stay in residential treatment.

General Meth Treatment

To break a recovery center myth, there is not one way that we suggest to provide the path to sober living. There are many courses of action that a patient can take.

In addiction treatment at Amethyst, clients can focus on their needs. This means that they can pick and choose treatment options that work for them. There are programs based on religion, holistic medicine, spirituality, education, psychology.

Most treatment for methamphetamine users starts out with the medical detox. Then, there is usually some kind of therapy for mental and behavioral health. Drug addicts in a detox facility also have so many opportunities to learn about why substance abuse turns into addiction. They are given the tools they need to even consider a career in addiction treatment for the future.

A Healthy Relationship

There is such a relationship between mental health and substance abuse. Rehab centers try to work on how to make it a healthy one. This can only be done with cooperation between patients and staff.

Treatment is never judgmental at Amethyst. There is a place for everyone in our recovery center and a treatment option that will work for them. The process to become clean and sober is what each person makes it.

Rehab Facility for Meth Addiction

Essential to the recovery process is the quality of the rehab facility. Going through meth addiction is a challenge, but the recovery is too. A rehab facility should embody what it feels like to live in a peaceful place. A lot of meth addicts feel like they’re going to be judged or reprimanded.

The physical environment of a rehab facility needs to be welcoming and friendly. At Amethyst, the cleanliness and colors of each room bring about a natural peace. There are also staff walking around everywhere that will always be friendly and offer a helping hand to patients.

Among the other features of our rehab facility is an exercise area, xbox, a pool table and art and cinema rooms. These are great mental health decompressors for meth addicts.

Residential Treatment

Meth-Rehab-Habits-Recovery-SignsA day in the life of being a methamphetamine addicted patient proves to show that rehab is very fun. There are so many ways to engage yourself in a rehab facility when you live there. This provides a distraction from wanting to continue substance abuse.

There are different kinds of therapy and activities offered at Amethyst. People in the treatment center are able to mix and match the treatment options to make each day engaging and new.

There are also opportunities to have fun with the new friends made in a treatment center. Residential treatment is productive, effective and relaxing all at once. Even though taking a break from work could be stressful, it’s better for long term health.

Call Today

Being a brief overview, this resource guide provides you with links to read more about all aspects of meth addiction recovery. There is a place for everyone at Amethyst and it is encouraged that you call and ask questions.

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