Xanax side effects

Common Short-Term and Long-Term Xanax Side Effects

Xanax is the 5th most prescribed drug in America, so it’s important to fully understand the short-term and long-term Xanax side effects that are expected. These prescription medications are part of a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines treat symptoms of anxiety. They have a calming effect on the central nervous system (CNS). They can…

rehab for alcoholism

3 Types of Behavioral Therapies Offered at a Rehab for Alcoholism

Rehab for alcoholism offers a wide variety of treatment options. There are plenty of components involved. Patients learn how to break both their physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. They go through different types of treatment options to achieve sobriety. One of the first types of treatments that patients encounter is medical detox. This process…

marijuana addiction

Investigating the Relationship Between State Marijuana Legalization and Addiction

State marijuana legalization has led to the study of marijuana dependence and addiction. Many researchers are curious about whether marijuana use leads to dependence and addiction. There is a huge public perception that marijuana is safe and harmless. The goal of these studies is to figure out how true that conception really is. These studies…

marijuana addiction treatment

Considering Gender Differences for Marijuana Addiction Treatment

More and more Americans are seeking marijuana addiction treatment. This is because the number of people who struggle with a marijuana use disorder has doubled from 2001 – 2002 to 2012 – 2013. Marijuana, or cannabis, is seen as a safe and harmless drug. Many people use it for non-medical purposes, and some Americans have…