fentanyl addiction

How Fentanyl Addiction Affects the Brain

Fentanyl addiction is incredibly common in America. Studies show that more and more Americans are abusing this drug. Unfortunately, abuse often leads to overdose. The overdose numbers for this type of substance abuse is appalling. There’s been an increase of 540% over the last three years alone. Many drug abusers don’t even realize that they…

signs of fentanyl withdrawal

Tapering Off of Opioids to Avoid Signs of Fentanyl Withdrawal

Signs of fentanyl withdrawal can be incredibly difficult to bear. This is why many drug abusers requite addiction treatment to deal with this drug abuse. Without the right type of treatment, the withdrawal symptoms can be so intense that they can cause death. In most cases, drug addicts simply relapse. Many drug addicts may struggle…

rehab for alcoholism

3 Types of Behavioral Therapies Offered at a Rehab for Alcoholism

Rehab for alcoholism offers a wide variety of treatment options. There are plenty of components involved. Patients learn how to break both their physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. They go through different types of treatment options to achieve sobriety. One of the first types of treatments that patients encounter is medical detox. This process…

rehab for cocaine addiction

How to Make the Most Out of Rehab for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine abuse is quite common in America, and many addicts need rehab for cocaine addiction. Over 2 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction to cocaine. Many of these people use cocaine as a party drug. They mix it with other substances, like alcohol. Mixing cocaine with other illicit substances can prove…

marijuana addiction treatment

Considering Gender Differences for Marijuana Addiction Treatment

More and more Americans are seeking marijuana addiction treatment. This is because the number of people who struggle with a marijuana use disorder has doubled from 2001 – 2002 to 2012 – 2013. Marijuana, or cannabis, is seen as a safe and harmless drug. Many people use it for non-medical purposes, and some Americans have…

marijuana withdrawal and detox

Marijuana Withdrawal and Detox Timeline

Marijuana withdrawal and detox timelines are important for severe drug users. Quitting marijuana use can be difficult when you don’t have a timeline in mind. After all, you may feel like you’re going through withdrawals for days or weeks. At some point in time, the withdrawals may feel unbearable, and with no end in sight.…

signs and symptoms of marijuana

Understanding The Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawals

Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in all of America, so understanding the signs and symptoms of marijuana withdrawals is quite important. Many admit to using the drug at least once. Many Americans are regular users. They first smoked marijuana for fun, but have since started to rely on this drug to unwind…


Press Release: Amanda Daniels Joins the Amethyst Recovery Team

Author & Social Media Influencer Amanda Daniels Becomes Brand Ambassador for Amethyst Recovery and New England RAW   PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida (June 15, 2018) – Amethyst Recovery is excited to announce that Amanda Daniels, also known as “Addict Chick,” has joined our team. Coming on board to help build brand awareness in the addiction space, she will…


What Really Is Alcohol Poisoning?

We’ve all heard about it. You might have even seen a loved one go through it. We’ve all been warned of how dangerous the effects are, but what really is alcohol poisoning? We know the effects of alcohol on the body after a few drinks. What happens when a person becomes unconscious from drinking? Or…