benzodiazepine withdrawal

3 Tips for Easing Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms

Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms are common among those who stop taking this drug. Benzodiazepines are depressants that control the central nervous system. They treat a wide array of symptoms and conditions, like seizures, anxiety, insomnia and panic disorders. Benzodiazepines can even treat alcohol abuse withdrawal symptoms. Studies show that physicians prescribe, on average, benzodiazepines to at…

dual diagnosis

Bipolar 2 Disorder and Its Involvement with a Dual Diagnosis

When dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction, many drug addicts and alcoholics also struggle with a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis, also known as a co-occurring disorder, involves a concurrent presence of both of a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. Studies have found that those who struggle with a mental health…


Going Through the Recovery Process Multiple Times

The drug and alcohol recovery process works in steps. First, an addict will  realize that their substance abuse has become an issue. Then, they will look into treatment options and take note of which ones they like. After choosing, even though treatment programs vary in scope and focus, an addict will always go through medical…


Rehab Facilities Near Me: Why They’re So Beneficial

I have had many loved ones now go through substance abuse rehab. Their mental health needed a huge check and inpatient treatment was the way to do that. Looking for a rehab facility was easier than they realized, they found amazing options close to home. While it seems like going far away is the best…


Seeking Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder: Why Addicts Self-Medicate

There are many misconceptions about addiction. One of them is that it is always a choice. Mental health plays a huge factor in the forming of serious addiction. The American Psychiatric Association classifies addiction as a complex condition. Major depressive disorder or depression goes hand in hand with addiction.  It is important to think about…

florida detox center

What To Look For in Your Florida Detox Center

You might be asking yourself, why Florida?  The answer is more simple than you think. It’s a beautiful place. It’s remote, the weather is nice and there are many things to do. It can be hard to distinguish the qualities between detox centers in Florida and figure out what to look for. Finding the perfect…


Finding Peace and Serenity in Your Addiction Recovery Process

It is natural to be uncomfortable when you first come to your addiction recovery center. Treatment facilities are intimidating. You’re in a new place. You’re being constantly monitored. You have no social media and no internet. You’re put in the position to think about your alcohol or drug addiction nonstop. You’re completely changing the way…

long term rehab

Going to a Long Term Rehab Program is More Effective

Addiction rehab can often seem like you’re being completely removed from the world you know. In some ways, this can be really stressful.  When you’re in residential treatment, you’re going to be placed in an environment that you’re not entirely used to. You’re moving to a new place that won’t feel like home right away.…

depression or anxiety in alcoholics

Depression or Anxiety in Alcoholics who Are Dually Diagnosed

It’s not unusual to find depression or anxiety in alcoholics. Mental health disorders are often closely linked with alcoholism. Many alcoholics find relief from stress and other inner issues by drinking. The alcohol lowers their inhibition and enhances their mood. It’s an escape. While alcohol can help improve moods and reduce stress from anxiety and…