12 step programs

A 12 Step Program Could Be The Key To Your Future

There they are. Those three words that you’ve heard so much about but haven’t quite read up on. The 12 Step Program. What are the 12 steps? They are not a form of medical treatment–they’re not technical and they’re not meant to be followed perfectly. Essentially, they are 12 tenets that guide you through recovery…

drug and alcohol treatment

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for America’s Top 3 Addictive Substances

Drug and alcohol treatment is necessary for getting sober and staying clean. It’s no secret that many Americans struggle with addiction. You can see the effects of addiction in practically every city and state in America. Some cities have a more extensive problem than others, but it’s fair to say that every city has to…

holistic addiction recovery center

Finding Joyful Sobriety Through Holistic Recovery

  Substance abuse affects addicts and alcoholics physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. With addiction disease running rampant in our society, many people are heading off to treatment centers and drug rehabs to get help with their powerful condition. There are many schools of thought as to how to get sober, but one thing is for…

drug treatment center

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Drug Treatment Center

Professional help from a drug treatment center can speed things along during recovery. The medications used in medication-assisted treatment manage withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings. Most treatment programs also help substance abusers identify triggers and build better habits. They learn how to avoid temptations and lead a healthier lifestyle. This might involve staying away from…

opiates depression brain chemistry

Addicted To Opiates-Why It Also Causes Depression

Opiates are prescribed legally in the United States by doctors and physicians–and because of their highly addictive properties and potential for abuse–have quickly led to a drug epidemic of catastrophic proportions. Not only are opiates harmful to individual mental health, but they are also shown to cause depression as well. According to the research, 21%…


Hitting Rock Bottom–Hope For Fatal Drug Abuse

Addicts and alcoholics are categorized in the DSM-5 (diagnostic statistical manual of mental health disorders) as people suffering from substance use disorder. According to the research, drug abusers and alcoholics have completely different brain chemistry than say, a ‘normal’ drinker. Normal drinkers can have a couple of drinks, socially with friends, and never develop the…

alcohol detox program

Alcohol Detox: Don’t Do It Alone

Alcohol detox is one of the first steps to recovery. It makes it easier to manage a drug addiction, and also curbs cravings, so the recovery process becomes smoother. The detox process can control mood swings and also lessen the intensity of alcohol withdrawals. It ensures that serious side effects don’t become deadly. For example,…

what is fentanyl

What Is Fentanyl? A Look at One of America’s Deadliest Drugs

What is fentanyl? This seems like a burning question in America at the moment. It seems as if all news outlets often mention fentanyl when reporting on the increase in opioid overdoses across America. Of the 5,500 synthetic opioid overdoses that happened in 2014, fentanyl was often the main culprit.   Understanding ‘what is fentanyl’…

detox opioids treatment

Detox from Opioids- You’re Not Alone

               It’s scary, we understand. A huge transition is happening for you.  Your body is experiencing opiate withdrawals. Your mental health has been on a journey. You now have decided to undergo detox for opioids. You now must say goodbye to drug abuse, to social media, to physical dependence, to your friends and your family,…

intervention programs

The 5 Most Common Types of Drug Interventions

  Instead of silently watching a loved one struggle with addiction, stage an alcoholism or drug intervention. Addiction and drug use is prevalent in America. It affects many households. After all, 27.1 million Americans over the age of 12 years old used an illicit drug in 2015. That’s about 10% of the overall population. Many…