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Detox from Opioids- You’re Not Alone

               It’s scary, we understand. A huge transition is happening for you.  Your body is experiencing opiate withdrawals. Your mental health has been on a journey. You now have decided to undergo detox for opioids. You now must say goodbye to drug abuse, to social media, to physical dependence, to your friends and your family,…

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The 5 Most Common Types of Drug Interventions

  Instead of silently watching a loved one struggle with addiction, stage an alcoholism or drug intervention. Addiction and drug use is prevalent in America. It affects many households. After all, 27.1 million Americans over the age of 12 years old used an illicit drug in 2015. That’s about 10% of the overall population. Many…

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Top 6 Reasons to Travel for Drug Treatment

Not enough people seek alcohol or drug treatment for addictions. In 2012, 23.1 million Americans struggled with an addiction, but only a little over 2 million ever sought help. These numbers have largely remained the same over the years. The sad truth is that approximately 95% of addicts fail to seek treatment because they don’t…

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A Look at Medical Detoxification for Alcohol and Drugs

Medical detoxification plays a massive role in the addiction industry, which rakes in about $35 billion a year. The detox process removes harmful toxins from the body to curb cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms. It is usually the first process that a patient undergoes when seeking drug addiction treatment programs at addiction treatment facilities. This…


A Comparison of Vivitrol with Suboxone and Methadone

Vivitrol is an opioid antagonist used in Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT) to treat opioids, which are some of the most addictive drugs. The generic name for Vivitrol is naltrexone. The Food and Drug Administrations has approved Vivitrol injections for treating alcohol and opioid dependence. Addiction treatment alone only has a one-year sobriety success rate between…

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Vivitrol and Its Role in Treating Addiction

Vivitrol is an opioid antagonist used in treatments for opioid and alcohol addiction. The generic name of this drug is naltrexone. It is an opioid antagonist often used at drug addiction treatment facilities, while patients partake in counseling and therapies. This drug is used in Opioid Replacement Therapy (ORT) and is approved by the Food and…

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How to Stage an Intervention for Your Son/Daughter

There’s a drug epidemic running rampant through America, and many Americans learning how to stage an intervention, so they can fight addiction within their household. Approximately 10% of Americans struggle with a substance abuse disorder Addiction may have a significant impact on the people close to you. In particular, many young adults and teens find…

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Aftercare Programs To Help Your Loved Ones: A Parent’s Guide

Alcoholism and drug addiction doesn’t just impact the sufferer; it affects the whole family. Whether your child, spouse, or employee is suffering with alcohol and drug addiction, chances are you’ve suffered right along with them, feeling powerless over providing a real course of action to help those you care about. Everyone suffering from substance abuse…

How support groups like the 12 step program can help treat drug and alcohol addictions

The 12 Step Program and How It Can Help a Loved One Through Addiction

The 12 Step program originated from Alcoholics Anonymous although it has also been used in Narcotics Anonymous. It’s also popular in support groups, like Marijuana Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Crystal Meth Anonymous. The program involves combining faith and therapy with addiction treatment. Its roots date back to the 1930s in Akron, Ohio. The success rate…


Teen Drug Abuse: How to Tell Whether Your Kid Is Addicted to Drugs

Teen drug abuse is much more common than most parents would like to believe. As children reach teenage years, they become more likely to embark on a journey of self-discovery. This might involve experiences that involve experimenting with various drugs, from marijuana to cocaine. While some kids are simply succumbing to peer pressure, others use…