How a Child of an Addict Can Approach Their Parent About Recovery

A Guide for Any Child of an Addict “25% of American children live with a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. These children may have more responsibilities or may have different priorities in life due to the toxic environment that they are in.” Addiction affects many Americans. It’s no surprise that many children…

Overdose Awareness Day in 2019

A Look at International Overdose Awareness Day in 2019

  “Over 72,000 Americans died from a drug-related overdose in 2017. Overdoses caused by illicit drugs and prescription drugs increased two-folds within the last decade.”   Overdose rates are continuing to climb in America. More and more Americans are losing their lives to both prescription drugs and illicit drugs. To raise awareness for this issue,…

what is fentanyl

Understanding Fentanyl: What is it? What Should I Know?

What is Fentanyl? To put it simply, fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug. What that means is that, like morphine, it is produced in labs, considered a “downer,” and works by affecting the pain receptors in the brain so as to reduce feelings and perception of pain. Also like morphine, fentanyl was produced as a…

depression and substance abuse

How Are Depression and Alcoholism Connected?

What Classifies As Depression? There is still a lot of misinformation regarding what is and what isn’t depression. Because of this, many people suffering from a depressive disorder might never be diagnosed, which is an issue as bad as it would be with any illness that is not treated. On the other hand, self-diagnosing and…

5 most dangerous drugs florida

5 Dangerous Drugs in Florida You Need to Know

Opioids have been taking over the country and killing at alarmingly increasing rates. While the opioid crisis has shocked the nation, there are drugs that haven’t caused as many deaths but can still be just as deadly. Even though legislation and discussions surrounding the issue of drugs have become more common but more frequently linked…

opioids in Florida

The Opioid Crisis in Florida: Scary Facts in the Sunshine State

The Opioid Crisis Opioids and opiates are drugs that are made from the opium poppy plant, and that act as “downers”. The substances in the drug act directly in opioid receptors of the brain, which are popularly referred to as “pleasure receptors”. Legal, lab-produced versions of these drugs are usually prescribed for pain management. These…


Why Vaping Isn’t As Harmless as Many Think

What is Vaping? Vaping is a popularized term for smoking e-cigarettes, which can also be referred to as “juuling”. E-cigarettes work by producing an aerosol as it heats up a specific liquid made for it. This liquid can contain many different substances, most commonly nicotine, chemicals used for the aerosol, and fragrances that can be…

enabling and addiction, what is enabling

What Does Enabling Mean? How to Know What Helps and What Hurts

What does “enable” mean? The definition I think applies here, according to Merriam-Webster, is “to make possible, practical, or easy” (emphasis mine).  Enabling looks a lot like love, probably because it’s done through love. We do what we can to make the way “easier” for our loved ones, especially those who we believe need a…

Learn how to get sober in jail

Getting Sober in Jail

Getting Sober in Jail Getting sober in jail may be the best thing that can happen for someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many convicts committed crimes while under the influence or committed crimes due to a need to get drugs or alcohol. These individuals may not have committed a crime if they…

A look at the reasons why Employers Drug Test

Why Employers Drug Test

A Look at Why Employers Drug Test There are many reasons why employers drug test employees although the laws around this can be quite difficult to understand. A fair and reasonable drug testing policy can protect not only employers, but employees as well.  Drug testing was first popularized by President Ronald Reagan. Under his administration…