Methadone Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Centers

Methadone Withdrawal Methadone is a controversial drug. It’s a weak opioid, but it’s also used to help people who are addicted and dependent on other opioids. When methadone is used to treat opioid addiction, it reduces cravings and prevents withdrawal symptoms. This synthetic opioid has its own addiction and dependence potential, however. Along with being…


Ketamine Rehab: Inpatient vs Outpatient vs PHP Treatment

What is Ketamine? There is a medication being used illegally that you need to know about. It is ketamine, and is often thought of as a “club drug.” It is sold and used in clubs, raves and parties, for its relaxation and hypnotic effects. Ketamine is also a medication that is used as an anesthetic.…


Ketamine Detox & Withdrawal: Symptoms, Centers & Support

Who Needs Ketamine Detox? Ketamine is a popular club drug, that provides mild euphoria, hallucinations, and relaxation. Although it is available as a prescription medication, it is sold on the streets and in clubs illegally. Being a psychoactive substance, it has addictive and mind-altering properties that can be dangerous. This is worse because the main…


Dilaudid Withdrawal & Detox Symptoms, Timeline & Facilities

Dilaudid Dependence Dilaudid is an opioid – and opioids are also referred to as narcotics. Dilaudid is supposed to only be available by prescription for the treatment of severe pain. The generic, active ingredient in this brand-name drug is hydromorphone. As with other narcotics, hydromorphone affects the central nervous system of the user and changes…


Ketamine Addiction: Effects, Signs & Symptoms

What Is Ketamine? Ketamine is a prescription drug with a history of serving as an anesthetic or a substance used to help people lose consciousness before a surgery or procedure. Ketamine can also relieve pain and promote a general sense of relaxation. It’s used in human and veterinary medicine. Ketamine is a schedule III controlled…


Dilaudid Recovery: Inpatient, Outpatient & PHP Rehabs

How Is Dilaudid Addiction Diagnosed? People often struggle with Dilaudid abuse and addiction for a period of time before they notice it, or their loved ones notice. When someone is addicted to Dilaudid, it can be diagnosed just like any other medical condition—by looking at a set of symptoms and determining which of those a…

Heroin Rehab Centers

Heroin Rehab: Inpatient, Residential, Outpatient & PHP

Receiving Treatment for Heroin Addiction: Options, Programs, Length There are many unique options available to someone seeking heroin addiction treatment. The type of drug rehab program chosen should depend on personal circumstances and severity of the addiction. Those who have experienced an overdose before would be best suited for inpatient drug treatment. Here, a client…

Heroin Detox and Withdrawals

Heroin Detox & Withdrawal: Statistics, Symptoms & Treatment

Heroin Withdrawal A heroin detox is the first major step in rehabilitation once a patient has decided to seek treatment. This is the initial phase where the drug is purged from the body. Because heroin quickly builds a tolerance in its users, the detox process causes withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult and uncomfortable for…

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Dilaudid Addiction Treatment: Signs/Symptoms + Side Effects

Introduction to Dilaudid Addiction Dilaudid is a schedule II controlled substance, intended to be prescribed to treat only severe pain. Dilaudid is a brand-name drug, and the active ingredient is the opioid narcotic hydromorphone. Dilaudid has a black box warning that comes with it regarding its potential for addiction and dependence. Whether someone is using…


Heroin Addiction: Statistics, Symptoms and Effects

Heroin Addiction and Recovery Many people find themselves addicted without ever having realized the path they were on. Often, people who abuse prescription opioids turn to heroin because of “its low cost and high availability.” ( Once heroin becomes the drug of choice, regular use occurs, and tolerance begins to build. Because heroin is typically…