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The Importance of Finding the Right Crack Facility

Crack-Facility-Rehabilitation-FacilityWhile core concepts may be similar to one another, there are a lot of differences between individual drug treatment facilities for crack addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease, and treating an addiction to a drug like crack can be especially challenging.

Finding the right crack drug treatment facility is an important component of successfully recovering from addiction.

When you find the right fit in terms of an addiction treatment facility, you’re more likely to complete your full treatment plan, and you’re less likely to relapse either after finishing a program or because you left treatment early.

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Evidence-Based Drug Addiction Treatment

According to the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are certain evidence-based treatment approaches for addiction that should be considered.

Most addiction treatment facility programs integrate behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy is intended as a way to help people change not only their behavior but also their attitudes and way of thinking. Behavioral therapy can not only address crack addiction. It can also help people learn life skills, such as how to manage stress and triggers in their life.

In some cases, an addiction treatment facility may also offer medications that go along with treatment. Other than medications for psychological or mental health disorders, there aren’t medications approved to be used in the treatment of an addiction to crack, however.

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What are the Types of Drug Treatment Facilities?

Crack-Facility-Rehab-TreatmentCrack is a very powerful version of cocaine. It’s often reported that people develop an addiction to crack after using it only once, or maybe a few times. Because of how addictive crack is, and the destructive nature of the drug, most people with an addiction to crack are advised to start their treatment journey in an inpatient or residential facility.

Then, following a stay in a residential crack treatment facility, patients might move into lower levels of care. For example, someone who completed a 30-day stay at an inpatient facility might then move down to partial hospitalization or outpatient treatment.

While all inpatient, residential addiction treatment facilities share the commonality that people are required to stay the night, there are many differences in facilities.

The following are some of the types of drug treatment facilities someone addicted to crack might consider:

Private Rehab Facilities

A private rehab facility is one that many people will go with. A private rehab or treatment facility is one that allows patients to complete focus on their recovery. Private rehab facilities often include a medical detox at the start of treatment, and there is a significant focus on the comfort and the holistic treatment of patients.

Private rehab can last 30 days, 60 days or 90 days in most cases, although there are longer programs as well. There is a focus on every aspect of the patient as a whole person in a private rehab facility. For example, there may be supplemental therapies in addition to addiction treatment.

Private rehab facilities may have nutritional programs, vocational training, and even amenities. While private rehab facilities are considered the most effective option for many people, they are also the most expensive. However, insurance may cover some or all of the cost of a private rehab facility.

Non-Profit Rehab Facilities

Non-profit rehab facilities are designed as an affordable crack facility or drug treatment facility. Most are funded by tax money. These treatment centers can include medical detox, and inpatient or outpatient treatment. To find a non-profit rehab facility you will likely have to contact local social service providers.

The cost and financial considerations of a non-profit rehab facility can vary quite a bit.
While there are advantages to a less costly type of rehab, these facilities often have very long waiting lists. It can be almost impossible for people to get into these programs, and receiving timely treatment is so important. This is especially true with an addiction to a drug like crack.

With a non-profit facility for crack addiction, there can also be comprehensive assessments and requirements for someone to get into treatment, because of how competitive these spots are. Many people may either not be able to find a spot in a non-profit rehab for crack addiction, or they may not qualify.

Government-Funded Rehab Facilities

Another option is a government-funded rehab center, for drug or alcohol addiction. These are sometimes an option a person may go with if they are low-income or don’t have insurance coverage.

Government-funded rehab is likely going to be more bare-bones and not have the amenities of a private treatment facility for crack addiction. However, the people who staff government-funded rehab facilities are generally well-qualified, and treatment can be effective.

These facilities are carefully monitored, but for some people, these facilities may not be the right option because they prefer a different setting, approach or more home-like comfort.

Specialized Treatment Facilities for Crack Addiction

Crack-Facility-Treatment-FacilityAlong with the general crack facility options, there are other categories of specialized treatment available. A few examples are below, although there are many others. A luxury drug treatment center is one option that a person may explore, particularly if they have the available funds to pay for it, or their insurance will cover the costs.

A Luxury Facilities Accommodations

A luxury addiction facility might include facilities similar to a resort. There might be not only addiction treatment and therapy, but also options such as yoga, massage, exercise classes, and more. There can be spa-like treatments and even gourmet meals offered at a luxury crack treatment center.

There also tend to be more staff members providing care to patients in a luxury rehab center, and there is more one-on-one attention.

While a luxury rehab can sound like an interesting option and it may be more pleasant than other types of crack addiction treatment, there’s no research showing this would be any more or less effective than other forms of treatment.

What is a Long-Term Crack Facility?

Along with luxury rehab, for people struggling with crack addiction, there is another option which is long-term rehab.

Long-term rehab programs go beyond the typical 30 days, and treatment may last for months. Overall, when it’s a realistic option, long-term residential treatment offers the most effectiveness for the majority of patients.

Long-term rehab can last for anywhere from three months up to a year. Most long-term rehab programs are actually set in what’s called a therapeutic community. A therapeutic community isn’t a hospital facility, but there is still a high level of care, support, and supervision.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Crack Facility

Crack-Facility-Time-DetoxThere are so many options available, and the following are some specific things to consider if you’re choosing a crack facility for rehab:

    • Do you have insurance coverage for the cost of rehab? If not, how will you cover the costs?
    • Are you willing to travel out-of-state to a crack facility?
    • Do you think you would benefit most from a long-term treatment program?
    • Are the facilities you’re considering accredited?
    • What specific approach do you think might be a good fit for you as you choose a crack facility?
    • Are you okay with a simple, bare-bones program?

If you’d like to learn more about choosing a crack facility for treatment, we encourage you to contact our team.

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