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The Severity of Crack Addiction

Crack-PHP-Addiction-Recovery“Crack is the name given to cocaine that has been processed with baking soda or ammonia,” according to CESAR, which is the Center for Substance Abuse Research operated at the University of Maryland.

CESAR’s information on cocaine goes on to say that the stimulant has “been abused for the ages,” but crack cocaine is the most potent version of the drug available. Crack cocaine is described not only as the strongest in its effects, but also the most dangerous.

When someone smokes crack, it allows the drug to reach the brain faster than other ways of using cocaine. The compulsive, addictive nature of cocaine is also going to be increased when the crack version of the drug is used.

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Partial Hospitalization Programs

What this all means is that someone who abuses crack even only a handful of times may become addicted. When someone is addicted to crack, it’s difficult to stop, but treatment is available.

Along with inpatient and outpatient rehab, a crack partial hospitalization program (PHP) is another option.
People tend to be least familiar with partial hospitalization programs, but they can have a lot of value for people with severe addictions.

What Are the Steps in a Crack Addiction Treatment Program?

Addiction is a word that is used a lot in today’s society, but many people do not really understand what it means. So, what is addiction?

A crack partial hospitalization program or PHP is one that is typically reserved for people who have already completed residential, inpatient rehab. A typical treatment plan can look like this:

  • First, patients participate in residential, inpatient treatment. During this time a person may go through medical detox to manage crack withdrawal symptoms. Then, they live in a facility for a  period of time, which is usually around 30 days. Treatment during this time is intensive, and patients stay overnight in the facility.
  • Once someone has successfully completed an inpatient crack treatment program, they might move into a partial hospitalization program. PHP for crack addiction is a step-down from residential treatment, and patients don’t have to spend the night, but they do spend their days at the facility. That’s why PHP is also often called day treatment.
  • Upon completion of PHP, most people with a crack addiction then begin an outpatient treatment program.
  • Following outpatient rehab, aftercare planning might include relapse prevention strategies and may call for participation in a 12-step program such as Narcotics Anonymous.

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What Happens in a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program or day treatment program for crack addiction requires a time commitment of typically anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a day. At the end of the treatment day, patients return home.

The reason PHP usually follows inpatient crack rehab is because patients need to learn some coping mechanisms during inpatient rehab. That can help reduce the risk of relapse when they are introduced to more freedom and flexibility which is part of a PHP program. PHP programs may last 5 to 7 days a week.

The types of therapy are varied

Much like inpatient rehab for crack addiction, a PHP program may include different types of therapy and a very scheduled, rigorous day of treatment. For example, PHP programs for crack addiction may include group and individual therapy sessions, and supplemental therapies.
While most PHP programs are for people who have already gone through inpatient rehab, they may be a starting point for some people.

Someone might start with PHP rehab for crack if they have a shorter-term addiction. If someone has certain family commitments that preclude them from sleeping overnight in a facility, they might also start with a PHP rehab for crack addiction.

Who Should Attend a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Someone should attend a partial hospitalization program if they believe they are able to return home in the evenings without relapsing.

What Makes a Good Fit for a PHP?


Someone who has gone through an inpatient program and has made significant improvements may be a good fit for partial hospitalization. If someone participates in partial hospitalization treatment for an addiction to crack, and they relapse they may be recommended to go back to inpatient treatment.

If someone has a chaotic home environment, or they have a situation at their home that could make them more likely to relapse, a partial hospitalization program might not be a good fit for them. Some people participate in partial hospitalization programs and return to a sober living facility rather than going home in the evenings.

Multiple options for those in need

Someone who requires medical treatment or co-occurring mental health treatment for certain disorders may benefit from participating in a partial hospitalization program as well.

If someone still requires a high level of monitoring but is stable enough to spend nights without monitoring, they may be someone who could find benefit in a PHP for crack addiction. Most people in PHP programs are not stable enough to function on a daily basis, but they can tolerate intensive therapy each day. Most people in PHP programs also have either a strong level of family support at home or community support in the form of a sober living facility.

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What are the Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Crack-PHP-Recovery-RehabWhile the specifics can vary from program to program, the following are some benefits of a partial hospitalization program for crack addiction or other drugs:

  • Even though participants don’t stay overnight, there is still a lot of structure, and it can minimize chaos and opportunities for relapse.
  • Many programs will offer transportation to outside programs, such as 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Partial hospitalization programs offer medical and mental health care services along with addiction treatment and therapy.
  • There is more freedom than with inpatient treatment, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming too soon in the person’s recovery journey.
  • There is support not only from the staff of the PHP but also the other participants and patients.

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If you or someone you love is struggling with crack addiction, it’s essential to understand that help is available. Partial hospitalization is one such program, whether you haven’t completed any form of treatment, you’ve already done inpatient treatment, or you’ve relapsed and want to get back on track.

We encourage you to contact Amethyst Recovery to learn about partial hospitalization and other programs to treat crack addiction.

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