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 Chronic Substance Abuse-What Is The Solution? 

Substance abuse affects addicts and alcoholics physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. With addiction disease running rampant in our society, many people are heading off to treatment centers and drug rehabs to get help with their powerful condition. There are many schools of thought as to how to get sober, but one thing is for certain–everyone is different. What works for someone who has been abusing fentanyl for two years may not work for someone who has been drinking a fifth of vodka twice a day. Alcoholics and addicts are similar in that they’ve lost control over their addiction. They are different in finding the way in which to recover and find true, meaningful sobriety. One of the treatment modalities being offered right now is holistic addiction recovery–and it’s been shown to produce true inner happiness to those who are open-minded to it.

 Holistic Treatment-Factors To Consider When Choosing A Drug Rehab Program 

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a holistic treatment program. First of all, it’s imperative you find an accredited treatment center that addresses not only your drug and alcohol addiction–but also your overall mental, physical and emotional well-being.

 Some of the questions to ask when choosing the right holistic track are:  
  • What level of behavioral health is addressed at the center? Make sure the clinicians and group facilitators are licensed and experienced in holistic therapy approaches. They should additionally be trained in substance use disorder therapies.
  • What types of treatment are offered at the recovery center? You may commit to trying the holistic approach only to find it isn’t for you. It’s important the treatment center you choose offers a variety of programs to help you get sober.
  • How long does the rehab program last? Most people benefit from a 30-day or a 60-day rehab program. When choosing a holistic treatment approach, it’s important you evaluate the different time periods with your counselor to see what works for you.
  • Where are holistic treatment programs being offered? The best treatment centers can be located in places like Florida, Arizona, and California. This may be a far distance from where you live, so it’s important to weigh the cost of local treatment center options with traveling away from home to get help.
  • How much does the holistic treatment program cost? This is going to vary depending on the level of care you need. Most of the time, holistic therapy can be pricier due to the high-quality meals and retreat-style locations. For instance, treatment centers in Florida may offer beach trips and beach yoga, which will be more expensive than an alcohol and drug rehab closer to home. If the rehab program is offering a tranquil setting as a means of uplifting your spirit, it could be totally worth it for you.
  • Are aftercare programs offered and are they important? Going through a holistic-style treatment center is an uplifting experience. Make sure you choose the treatment center that has an excellent aftercare program to help you maintain the quality of sobriety you need to overcome addiction. Most facilities will provide you with ways to build a support group, transition into sober living, and eventually transition you safely back into the real world.                                                                                                                                                          There is no such thing as overemphasizing the level of healing that takes place in holistic therapy for drug addiction. Drugs and alcohol rob people of their self-worth, joy, self-esteem, and peace of mind. Utilizing the tools taught in holistic treatment can help you find your true inner happiness once again.

 What To Expect From A Holistic Treatment Program 

There are many different approaches when dealing with holistic therapy. Higher-level holistic rehabs offer organic meal plans, acupuncture, beachside yoga, meditation and prayer sessions, massage therapy, and animal therapy. There is a much greater emphasis on healing the mind, body, and spirit with a holistic approach. Depending on your drug of choice, this may not be the best type of detox to attend, because many times holistic approaches shy away from using medically assisted detox methods. However, if you’ve tried other methods of getting sober and have relapsed, using a holistic approach may be your best bet. There is no harm in trying something different. Many people recover safely and effectively using a holistic treatment approach, and find the scars of drug addiction and alcoholism a distant memory.

 Substance Abuse-The Happy, Holistic Solution 



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Years of drug and alcohol abuse take a heavy toll on the mind, body and spirit. Early recovery can be a confusing and troubling time. Surrounding yourself with as much positivity as possible will help you find purpose and meaning in your life once again. Behavioral health therapy is one of the influencing factors in holistic approaches. By learning how to change your thoughts about things, your behavior will change too. Meditation, group therapy, prayer, and exercise all help to heal the mind and emotions from drug and alcohol abuse.

A lot of people find it hard to believe they can be happy without drugs and alcohol. The first 30 days of your sobriety is a crucial time.  You are building a foundation for your journey in recovery. Holistic therapy will help educate you on the best types of behavioral practices to keep you engaged from the heart. 12 step programs emphasize how recovery is an internal process. Like the saying goes, ‘wherever you go, there you are.’ If you can heal from the inside out by engaging in a holistic approach, you will find true happiness that will last throughout your recovery. It’s easy to see why the holistic treatment approach is gaining so much traction in licensed and accredited treatment centers.

What works for one alcoholic or drug addict might not work for the next. Find what works for you. With an open mind, a little willingness, and an honest desire to get well, true inner happiness is yours for the taking.



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