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UnitedHealthcare Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

UnitedHealthcare is an insurance that offers many benefits within each plan. Trying to navigate all the insurance terminology on your own can be a little tricky…But don’t feel overwhelmed! We’re here to show you the ropes and give you the confidence you need to begin treatment. Keep reading to learn more about what your UnitedHealthcare insurance covers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

Does Your Policy Cover Rehab?

Yes, UnitedHealthcare’s different policies will be able to cover at least some part of your rehabilitation program with us. Did you know that it’s one of the largest insurance companies in the United States? Although each plan is different, there are still many perks within each policy. Our trained group of specialists can help you navigate all the details within your plan and policy. If you have UnitedHealthcare insurance and are looking for a drug or alcohol rehab program, we are ready to help. Together, we can find a program that meets your needs and accepts your insurance.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

MNRP is the first term that you want to become familiar with. MNRP stands for a “ Maximum Non-Network Reimbursement Program. It’s a medicare-based reimbursement program that is especially helpful in lessening out-of-pocket costs. UnitedHealthcare Insurance’s MNRP can make a big difference in financial help when regards to rehabilitation for drug and alcohol treatment. 

Although not every single UnitedHealthcare plan includes an MNRP, it is crucial to know if your policy includes it. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation with UnitedHealthcare can save you quite a few pennies. As long as you make sure to go through us, we can get you the most out of your benefits.

Policy Coverage for Substance Abuse with UnitedHealthcare Insurance

Substance abuse oftentimes begins with a detox. A detox is really helpful in ridding your body of the toxins it has built up. After being exposed to a substance for an extended amount of time, your physical health weakens. UnitedHealthcare Insurance can help you comfortably begin your road to long-term sobriety with a detox. As per your UnitedHealthcare plan, you will likely receive at least partial coverage for inpatient or outpatient detox. Once detox is completed, the patient can move on to enroll in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program at our center. UnitedHealthcare has you covered whether you’re looking for residential or outpatient treatment. A Short Term Medical Value plan tends not to offer full coverage for substance abuse programs. In other words, it may require a 20-30% deductible which is a cost that must be paid for by the client.  It is important to emphasize that what your policy offers is dependent upon your plan. However, we’ll always find a way to make treatment work for you. 

UnitedHealthcare Policies Work for Addiction Treatment Centers

UnitedHealthcare policies have many benefits specifically for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Depending on your plan, you’ll be able to access different kinds of benefits. Treatments can vary from inpatient to outpatient – each plan is tailored to suit your needs.

When you contact us about your insurance, you can expect us to:

  • Give you an in-depth analysis of your UnitedHealthcare insurance plan
  • To confirm whether or not you have an MNRP policy
  • To validate what kind of coverage you have for an addiction treatment program
  • To find out what your out-of-pocket costs will be

UnitedHealthcare Covers Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

UnitedHealthcare’s policies cover both inpatient and outpatient treatment depending on your plan. Inpatient treatment is residential and offers 24/7 supervision, along with care. This kind of program allows the patient to fully focus on getting better, with no distractions. On the other hand, outpatient treatment is more flexible and suits those who have obligations like taking care of a child or work. You may feel like one treatment may suit you better than the other. However, sometimes our patients look for what they want versus what they need.

Here at Amethyst, we find it very important to meet you in the middle. We’ll talk through all your questions and concerns, and then determine what kind of treatment best suits your unique needs. nThe length of time one needs in treatment also influences the cost of the program. When you reach out to us, we’ll validate what kind of coverage you have. We’ll also find what works best for you or a loved one at the lowest cost. Whether you’re dealing with opioid addiction or alcoholism, United Healthcare Insurance can support you on your road to recovery. We proudly use UnitedHealthcare as one of our insurance providers. Not to worry, we will find a way to help you get the treatment you need.

Costs and Services at Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient programs offer the most hands-on approach with 24/7 care available for you or a loved one. When it comes to inpatient rehabilitation and health plan coverage, below are some of the general terms you should become acquainted with. 


Your health insurance plan premium is the payment you make to your health insurance company that allows your coverage to function.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Within a plan year, this is the largest sum that you have to pay for covered services. First, you have to spend this amount on deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Once this is taken care of, your health plan will account for the rest of your covered benefits costs. The out-of-pocket limit doesn’t incorporate your monthly premiums.

Policy Effective Date

Your policy-effective date is when you can begin to access your benefits. Open enrollment period is generally a set amount of time that takes place once a year, or during a specific enrollment period. After official enrollment, it typically happens within a few weeks or months.


This is the amount you pay for covered health care services in a given plan year before when your insurance will start to pay for them. For example, let’s say you have a $2,000 deductible. In this case, you pay the first $2,000 of covered services yourself.  After you pay your deductible, UnitedHealthcare will generally cover the remaining costs.


In order to receive a specific medical service or supply, this is the cost that you’ll have to pay before your health insurance takes care of the rest. For example, your health insurance plan may require a $15 copayment for pharmaceutical medicine. 

UnitedHealthcare Coverage for Mental Health Treatment

UnitedHealthcare insurance has you covered when it comes to mental health treatment. Especially with substance abuse, mental health and behavioral issues tend to go hand in hand. This is referred to as dual-diagnosis. 

Dual diagnosis is a powerful part of treatment. Substance abuse is a double-edged sword, affecting someone mentally and physically. Being able to conquer the internal struggle is half the battle. Mental health concerns and physical problems should be treated equally by your insurance provider. UnitedHealthcare Insurance will help you receive mental health and substance abuse treatment at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Policyholders, such as yourself or a loved one, can receive counseling for a variety of different issues. Some of these issues can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders

Walking You Through Your UnitedHealthcare Benefits

UnitedHealthcare insurance has a variety of benefits. These benefits are made to make you or a loved one’s road to recovery as smooth as possible. 

Here are some other benefits as an UnitedHealthcare policyholder with our treatment center:

  • We’ll review your entire UnitedHealthcare health insurance plan.
  • We’ll help you understand your specific benefits at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.
  • We’ll help determine exactly what kind of treatment you or a loved one needs.
  • We’ll make sure you get the most out of your benefits at the lowest price possible.

Amethyst Is Here for You

Here at Amethyst, we understand how important it is to feel secure in your finances. Feeling confident with how your insurance and rehabilitation center takes care of you is non-negotiable. We want to be the ones to walk you through this entire process leading you to long-term sobriety. We assure you that calling us is a great first step. We’ll make sure to give you an in-depth review of everything, without much effort on your part. It’s important for you to focus on getting better while we focus on the nitty-gritty details like insurance.  Give us a call at 888.447.7724 or contact us here, and let us take the first step with you on the road to recovery



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