Intervention: Is It Time?

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Over time you’ve come to the undeniable conclusion that your loved one is openly showing signs of substance abuse to the point of addiction. You’ve watched this individual’s personality change, you’ve witnessed the destruction of their life and you’ve felt the severe toll their choices have exacted on your family.

As you reach the very end of your rope, you can find yourself making the challenging decision to stage an intervention to get help for your family member.

The question is: how do you move forward to set up an intervention with a professional? This is not only a bold and brave move made to help a loved one. This decision may be the call to action that saves a person’s life.

At this point, you’ve likely dealt with denial, had arguments about drug or alcohol abuse, lived with a tension-filled atmosphere and felt how family dynamics have made the situation even harder.

To successfully help the addicted family member, as well as the family as a unit, it is necessary to have a focused, realistic, well-structured plan for an intervention that includes plans for rehabilitation. Working with a professional interventionist can help you achieve that.

Intervention Overview

According to the Mayo Clinic, an intervention can be the catalyst to motivate a person abusing drugs or alcohol to finally accept help for their addiction. An intervention is not something to be held on the spur of the moment. Once you’ve decided this might be your best chance at getting a loved one to accept help, the intervention must be carefully planned with a professional addictions counselor or other medical professional with intervention experience.

Prior to the intervention, the team of family members and friends will meet with the intervention specialist, talk about the person and their addiction, discuss what the family needs to do or change to help this individual and prepare statements that explain how the individual’s addiction has impacted them. Additionally, consequences for not accepting treatment and continuing with drug or alcohol abuse will be developed.

Deciding to Hold an Intervention

The decision to have an intervention is as individual as your family member’s addiction. If you have reached the point where you can no longer deal with addiction in your family and/or you have concerns that the individual’s life is in danger, it is time to stage an intervention.

By consulting with a professional addiction specialist who is trained to deal with people whose life has been consumed by drugs or alcohol, you gain the insight and expertise of someone who knows how to deal with the possibility of history of mental illness, or aggressive behavior.

A professional interventionist can keep everyone present calm and focused on the task at-hand, which is to motivate the individual in need of accepting help in the form of professional treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Having a Successful Intervention

In some extremely difficult cases, one intervention may not be enough. But the point of having an intervention is to intervene one time and get your loved-one immediately into treatment. In order to do it right the first time, it’s critical that you consult and involve a professional addiction recovery specialist.

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14 thoughts on “Intervention: Is It Time?”

  1. my son is a binge drinker does not think he is alcoholic. His family has a long history of alcoholics. His father just died and he is having a hard time dealing with his death he keeps going on binges and calling people telling them him is going to kill himself. My son is very angry with me because I have recently relapsed myself and I am just coming back myself. We have several family members in recovery and several members that should be in recovery. I feel like I am going to lose my son to this disease if I can’t get him the professional help . Please help my son and my family .
    Thank you
    Julie ryan

  2. Help! I can’t take it anymore. My hubby is an addict…sometimes he’ll admit it and sometimes he won’t…he is hooked on opiates..he will lie, steal, cheat, connive, whatever it takes to get a pill. Now he’s saying, before he gets sick from not having, he will just do. “A little” H..I’ve told him about all the stories I’ve read from former addicts sating that’s how they Got sucked in…please help..I love my hubby with all of my heart..21+ yrs 5 sons and a grand daughter..its wearing me thin. I have MS, and the stress is making me worse. I’m crying all day everyday..please help me…

  3. My son is a 23 year old heroin addict. He also suffers from depression and anxiety. We’ve been through Hell. At this point I’d say we live in hell and are running out of options.
    I’m at a loss and know I’m as sick as he is and has poisoned our whole family. It’s killing us all. I don’t know what to do.

  4. my son is 28 years old he is a heroin addict he does any kind of pills he can get his hands on he does coke he has Hep C he drinks alcohol he also has 6 kids I am Addicts mom I live in Florida he lives in Massachusetts he’s been an addict for the past three years he blames me I don’t know what else to do he shares needles he’s o’d quite a few times . I can’t have him here with me he stresses me out too much we do not get along he steals from me I’m Not well myself I have lupus I can’t be stressing out and all he does is stress me out I don’t know what else to do

    1. Yes Sherri give us a call at 855-550-0750

      We will do our best to try and help your son.

      -Amethyst Recovery Center

  5. My son is 22 yrs old and is a alcoholic and he using pills and acud , molly etc.. Sad part is his father says he is adult and when he was a teenager his father didnt believe he was on drugs so there is no help from him .. I’m at lost I dont know what to do he has stolen from me and other family and friends. also he comes from long line of alcoholic’s on his fathers side and my side too his dad is a alcoholic also .I’m not in good heath and it is killing me Im sad and lost and dont know what to do any more… Than you for listening,

    1. Please call me today and we will do whatever we can go help you. My name is Ian Treacy and I’ll walk you through the entire process. My direct line is 9546107151

  6. My son is a heroin addict. I’m 65, and cannot live like this anymore. He’s 26, I’ve been living his nite mate for 5+ yes. He’s been in every Rehab and detox so many times. I lost count. Please help him….. Thank you!

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