5 Reasons to Choose a Florida Based Recovery Center

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Why a Florida Recovery Center?

Whether choosing an addiction recovery center for yourself or a loved one, a Florida based facility may be your best solution. From Florida’s year round temperate climate to the many treatment options throughout the state, you can choose what best suits your needs and budget. The large recovery communities are also a big draw as they provide ongoing community support. The many businesses and tourism industry also provide for ample employment opportunities. In short, choosing a Florida based rehab center may be the best thing you can do for yourself or a loved one.

  1. A State of Relaxation

Florida is well known for its year round mild weather and laid back attitude. Most of the year is balmy with plenty of sunshine but the temperatures usually hover at a very comfortable level. This promotes a calm, relaxing atmosphere that is very conducive to healing. This type of environment is exceptional for facilitating the rehab process. The numerous beaches are great for walking or just sitting and taking time for personal reflection.

  1. A Hub for Rehabilitation Facilities

The Florida region has vast and varied offerings of rehabilitation facilities. Patients can choose from many different methods that accommodate personal needs, budget restrictions, specific addiction type needs, and after care. It is a veritable epicenter for addiction detox, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. Patients can choose inpatient or outpatient treatment. They can also target specific addictions such as opiate addiction or alcohol addiction. There is something for everyone in Florida; a treatment option to fit almost anyone.

  1. Large Recovery Community

The numerous addiction treatment offerings have resulted in a sizeable recovery community that is comprised of people who have gone through rehab and chosen to remain in Florida. This recovery community makes up a supportive sober living community that is quite active. People in recovery who decide to stay in Florida after their treatment and start a new life will have access to sober social networks, meet up groups, and sober focused activities. Patients who are going through rehabilitation may also enjoy access to this community which plays a vital role in helping recovering addicts stay clean and sober.

  1. The Florida Model

The Florida Model of rehabilitation is a concept that is unique to the state. Clinical and residential facilities are separate from each other. This provides the specialized treatment of inpatient combined with the independence of outpatient therapy.

Patients attend the therapies and activities in a nearby facility, but then return to the living quarters where they are required to perform certain tasks that teach valuable life skills.

  1. Opportunities Abound

The patients who choose to remain in Florida have access to many avenues of employment. The tourism industry is large enough to accommodate many different skill-sets. The large recovery community has helped to remove the stigma often attached to a former addict. Many businesses are actually owned or managed by individuals who have themselves been through rehab and are in recovery.

Florida has much to offer to an individual who is seeking treatment as well as life in recovery. The beautiful climate alone makes it an attractive choice. However, factor in the recovery community, job opportunities, and varied options for treatment facilities and it is easy to see how Florida should be the first choice when you are seeking help with an addiction.


  1. sherri

    How do I get my son into this program into a program to get them off of heroin he goes in programs for 3 days a week and gets out his insurance doesn’t cover any more than a week he needs a program that will take care of them mentally and drug wise he’s not all there he’s bipolar he doesn’t have any of his meds he needs a lot more help than just he needs psychological help you need addiction help he needs to learn how to cope with things without using I need help to get him help I’m losing my mind I’m stressing out over him he’s killing me

    • Bernadette

      We live in NY it’s the same way. My son also 24 yr old herion addict.he does not work n has nys insurance medicaid and a supplement feels


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