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Understanding Adderall Addiction

Adderall-PHP-Detox-Recovery-Rehab-DrugsAdderall is a prescription stimulant drug, used mostly to treat ADHD in young people and adults. When someone has symptoms of ADHD and they take Adderall as prescribed, it can improve their concentration and focus. Adderall also has the potential to be addictive, however. In these cases, a person may require professional addiction treatment such as inpatient rehab or an Adderall PHP, which stands for a partial hospitalization program.

The following are some of the primary things to know about Adderall, and why it’s an addictive drug:

  • Adderall triggers the release of dopamine into the brain of users, especially when high doses are used. This creates a euphoric high for some users.
  • The release of dopamine can trigger the brain’s natural reward response, which can then lead to an addiction.
  • Adderall abuse and addiction can lead to serious and sometimes deadly side effects including heart problems, stroke, and psychosis.
  • Despite how dangerous Adderall can be, it’s one of the most widely abused prescription drugs.
  • The DEA classifies Adderall as a schedule II controlled substance, indicating the high potential for addiction and dependence to form.

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What Is An Adderall PHP?

If someone is struggling with the compulsive, out-of-control use of Adderall that comes from addiction, treatment options are available. One such option is an Adderall partial hospitalization program or PHP. A PHP is also sometimes called day treatment. A PHP is very similar to inpatient rehab, and the intensity level of treatment is high.

Features of a PHP for Adderall addiction include:

  • Participants are expected to come to the treatment center anywhere from five to seven days a week, starting in the morning.
  • During a PHP, the day and treatment plan is very scheduled, as in the case of residential Adderall rehab. It can include a combination of therapeutic modalities, supplemental treatments, and medication management.
  • A PHP does allow patients to return home in the evenings.
  • If someone can’t return home for some reason, they may leave a PHP and go to a sober living house.

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What Should You Expect During an Adderall PHP?

As with residential rehab, if someone seeks treatment in a PHP for Adderall addiction, they are going to be in a very structured environment. This is important to reduce chaos and help a person either stabilize as they try to stop using Adderall, or to remain stable following inpatient rehab.

These environments usually include group meetings, offering elements of social support and engagement.

As with inpatient rehab, the group meetings held in an Adderall PHP may follow the 12-step framework. During group therapy, which is facilitated by a center staff member, there are usually topics introduced, and then patients share their thoughts and experiences on these topics.

PHP also offers individual therapy. Individual therapy occurs as patients meet with a counselor or therapist one-on-one. During these sessions, the focus is on individual thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors the patient might have. The goal is often to help patients understand and identify their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and then work on making sustainable changes.

Familial Roles In Therapy

Adderall-PHP-Detox-Recovery-Rehab-TimeWhenever it’s possible, a PHP might include family therapy or relationship therapy. Loved ones are severely impacted by addiction. They are also the people who provide the essential support once someone completes treatment.

Family therapy is important to improve communication, reduce resentment, and help everyone involved learn how to interact and live with one another in a more healthy way.

Since treatment lasts all day, there are opportunities for supplemental and holistic therapies during a PHP for Adderall addiction. For example, a program might include art or music therapy, or yoga and meditation.

As someone comes to the end of their time in an Adderall partial hospitalization program, the team working with them will put together an aftercare plan. This aftercare plan will include ways the patient can prevent a relapse, the types of support groups the patient will participate in, and indications for individual therapy or counseling if that’s expected to continue.

What Are the Benefits of a PHP for Adderall?

A PHP program for Adderall addiction or any kind of addiction has unique benefits.

Primarily, a day treatment program offers the supervision and intensive clinical care of inpatient rehab, but participants can balance that with a sense of personal responsibility. They’re not as insulated from outside stress and potential triggers as they would be in inpatient rehab. This allows them to see how they manage on their own in the evenings and they can utilize the skills they’re learning in treatment.

Not only are patients expected to maintain their Adderall-free lifestyle in the evenings after treatment ends, but they are also responsible for getting to treatment every day and returning home at night. A PHP is good for someone with a psychiatric disorder as well. They can receive continued medication management and treatment during a PHP.

The Addiction Treatment Process

When someone is addicted to Adderall, their treatment and recovery journey will be individualized to their needs. However certain steps are often followed.

First, most people will need a medical detox as they come off Adderall. Adderall can lead to very uncomfortable and also serious withdrawal symptoms. During detox, these symptoms can be managed.

Following medical detox, someone with a moderate or severe Adderall addiction will likely begin with an inpatient rehab where they spend nights for a period of time. Once a person successfully completes the inpatient component of their addiction treatment plan, they might then begin partial hospitalization or in some cases, outpatient rehab.

Staying in treatment for long enough is critical to improving long-term outcomes. Treatment for Adderall addiction takes time and in many cases, patience.

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Adderall PHP vs. Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Adderall-PHP-Detox-Recovery-LighthouseSometimes there are questions as to how an Adderall PHP varies from an intensive outpatient program (IOP). In reality, while it is technically outpatient, a PHP is more similar to inpatient rehab than to outpatient treatment.

The time commitment, supervision, and structure of a PHP are all much greater than an intensive outpatient program. An intensive outpatient program might require treatment sessions that last for a few hours at a time, maybe three days a week, as an example. Then, as someone progresses, the time commitment may be reduced.

A PHP requires a much more significant time commitment, and during the time someone is receiving day treatment, they usually aren’t able to go to school or work. If you think a PHP could be a good fit for yourself or your loved one, or you’d like more information about Adderall addiction and treatment, Call Amethyst Recovery.

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