Alcohol Rehab Programs- Which One Is Right For You?

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    An alcohol abuse treatment plan that fits you is important. You’ve probably heard many success stories about different options. There are different types of alcoholics and different types of treatment programs. How do you know which one is right for you? Let’s explore some of them and find out.

       Traditional Alcoholism Treatment 

       The first kind of alcohol rehab program is the most traditional. It is usually religious or spiritual and it is based on the 12 step program.The 12 step program reduces alcohol addiction through a spiritual awakening. You follow the steps and you become a better person. The idea is that you look inward and reach out to those you have hurt. You also reach inward and accept the changes that have happened in your body. Usually, this is done in inpatient rehab. However, the 12 steps can be followed anywhere.                  

      You will have a mentor called a sponsor to guide you as you go. They offer advice anytime you need it. Sponsors are really special because they are drug abusers that know what you’re going through.  They understand substance abuse and drug treatment on a deep level. They’ve been in your exact shoes.This will be a huge source of comfort. If you need anything, they have your back. They will become lifelong friends.

       You will also frequently go to Alcoholics Anonymous. These are open group therapy sessions.  Alcoholics Anonymous is helpful because you’ll be able to open up to other people going through alcohol abuse treatment. The team nature of this program provides lots of comfort. You’ll have your chance to speak and to listen. You’ll have your chance to be vulnerable to others. This will also provide you with lifelong friendships.

     During this process, you’ll need to accept powerlessness. Your main focus will be accepting that you don’t have control over yourself. If you’re spiritual or religious, you will love this kind of therapy. A higher power is the key player in your recovery. This higher power is your source of forgiveness and of change. If you enjoy the company of others, you will love the group aspect. The 12 steps really help you maintain sobriety because you can practice them outside of rehab. The goal is that you will always live by the 12 steps. You can even become a sponsor after going through the 12 steps of recovery.

         If you’re not a group therapy person, this may not be for you. If you don’t want to focus constantly on self-judgement, this definitely is not for you. This method has worked for decades, but it is very structured. There are more flexible options. Let’s explore them.

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The Holistic Alcohol Abuse Treatment

             If the 12 step program seems too rigid, there is another kind of alcohol rehab program called Holistic Addiction Treatment. This treatment is more focused on the individual. You can create the path you take. What sorts of activities will prevent further alcohol addiction?  Do you need more creativity? Is group therapy too intense?

       In this treatment, you’ll find yourself looking inward at the things your mind loves besides substance abuse. You’ll realize that you don’t need alcohol as much as you thought you did. People abuse alcohol for a variety of different reasons. You will be able to leave behind your addiction using a variety of fun things.  

         If you’re not religious, this is the better treatment for you. It is amazing for your mental health. You can do anything from art therapy to cinema therapy. You can even do outdoor therapy and center your recovery on your love of nature. There is a huge focus on behavioral health. What can you do to change your habits?

        You will make lifelong friends, but it will be more through action than conversation. There will still be lots of support for you. You will still have a mentor and attend behavioral therapy. It is just more centered around external lifestyle. The 12 step program is more internal. If the alternative kinds of therapy are too distracting, you might not benefit from them. That’s more than okay.

If Going To A Treatment Center Isn’t Your Thing

   For some people, inpatient rehab can be overwhelming. A sober living home is a great idea for those people. Most types of alcoholics find this to be really fun. You make new friends and stay in a routine. You live with people who understand how you feel. They help you and you help them. You hold each other accountable for the decisions you make. You don’t have to leave behind anything to go into detox, you just make life changes on your own.

    For this to be effective, you need to be disciplined. You won’t have people to guide you through alcohol detox in the same way. You have to be willing to toss out the alcohol. You have to push yourself to resist possible urges. You will be your own coach. To maintain sobriety, you have to be able to listen to your mind and body. Seeing a therapist often is very important. They’ll help you find a good medical detox. They’ll also be a good secondary support. Being open to talking to your roommates is also very important. If you don’t want a dramatic change, sober living is the best option. That being said, accept defeat if you have to. If you relapse, it is not a bad thing to consider inpatient detox for 10 days. Your friends will be right there when you get back.

Whichever route you choose to take, remember the decision is your own. You know your mind better than anyone else. Make sure you think carefully about your own needs. The best addiction treatments include medical detox and then some kind of therapy. All three of these options will provide you with a medical detox. The real decision is what kind of therapy you’ll need. Do you think alcoholics anonymous would be helpful or too negative? Do you think outdoor therapy would be amazing or distracting? Would sober living help you or stress you out? Do not rush when making this decision. Substance abuse is a very serious thing, but recovery from it is a whole new experience. You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life- you want to make sure this journey suits you as a person.

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