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Once an addict learns to recognize the harmful consequences of their substance abuse, they will want to seek help quickly. This leads to something of a predicament. It is important to begin without too much delay, but it is also important to look closely at what each drug and alcohol rehab has to offer. Careless decision-making can lead to big expenses with little payoff. Unfortunately, those new to the world of recovery may not know how to properly assess such facilities. Finding the best drug rehabilitation center for your specific needs will require a bit of insight.

Essentially, you will need to know two things. First, you will need to know which credentials to look for when assessing possible rehab options. Second, you will need to understand what it is you are seeking to gain from the treatment process. The answer to this second question may seem obvious: sobriety. However, there is much more to treatment than learning to refrain from using drugs and alcohol.

Before getting into that, however, let us take a look at a few objective qualifications that may help you narrow your search. It will take more than these alone to determine the best drug rehabilitation center for you; however, these will provide you with an excellent place to start.

This article is part of a larger informational series on drug and alcohol rehab.

Professional and Therapeutic Credentials

If you want to find the best drug rehabilitation center for you, start by taking a look at the individuals responsible for your care. You can quickly identify a qualified treatment team by looking at their titles. In fact, you can accomplish quite a lot just by looking for the letter “L.”

This stands for “licensed,” and it indicates thousands of hours’ worth of experience. For instance, while a Master of Social Work (MSW) has been educated in mental health and will be quite knowledgeable in this regard, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has hands-on experience working with those in need. Other titles indicating such experience include Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). You can also look for the title “Certified Addiction Professional,” indicating at least six thousand hours’ worth of experience in the field of substance treatment.

Don’t just look at staff qualifications. The best drug and alcohol rehab facilities will typically boast other credentials as well. For instance, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) will often assess Florida treatment facilities to determine their ethical conduct and their ability to meet the needs of their patients. One of the most highly esteemed credentials, however, is Joint Commission accreditation.

The Joint Commission is not a government organization, and facilities such as Amethyst Recovery must voluntarily elect to undergo their assessment. After looking at various aspects of treatment protocol such as conduct and safety, the Joint Commission accredits only those who meet certain qualifications. That little golden seal on our website, right next to our seal from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, is one of the most sought-after accreditations in the industry. It indicates a level of professionalism that any trustworthy drug and alcohol rehab must be willing to demonstrate.

Meeting Your Personal Wants and Needs

Every patient seeking drug and alcohol rehab comes from a slightly different background. While certain standard practices will help give you the necessary tools to recover, differences of personality and background must be taken into account. Integrative care, such as that offered in Amethyst’s holistic treatment program, will help by identifying and addressing the root causes of your addiction. Not only will you learn more about why you use through methods such as therapy and peer support, but a wide array of treatment options ranging from meditation to biofeedback will help you uncover which recovery tools work best for you.

Combining a wide array of options with a full continuum of care will further increase the effectiveness of treatment. A full continuum of care means undergoing treatment at various levels. For instance, many patients may begin with medical detoxification. When undergoing detox at a facility that accommodates a number of treatment approaches, they can choose whether they wish to receive medication-assisted treatment or a simple therapeutic approach. Then, the patient can graduate to the residential level, where their treatment becomes more intensive. This is often where they uncover and address the root causes.

Following residential treatment, patients may choose to continue receiving support. We work to establish strong working relationships with local outpatient programs, helping our clients seek additional care at a program that offers the services that will benefit them most. Our clients can also receive ongoing support from our alumni program. By assisting our clients from the beginning of their journey until after they leave our care, we help increase their chances of success. Just about any drug and alcohol rehab that truly cares about their clients should be willing to do the same.

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Center is One You Trust

Even after assessing qualifications and looking at the services available, your gut will ultimately play a role in your final decision. Remember, you are not just looking for the best drug rehabilitation center available. You’re looking for the best drug rehabilitation center for you. Many drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer a wide range of services. Likewise, many of these facilities will boast qualified therapists and Joint Commission accreditation. This can make it hard to narrow down your options.

Instead of looking only at the facts, try asking yourself how you feel. Upon calling a treatment facility and talking to them about their services, do you feel that you can trust the information you’ve received? Or did you ask questions that you feel they left unanswered? In the latter case, they might not have your best interest in mind. A treatment facility that won’t tell you about its programs clearly doesn’t feel the need to earn your trust. So why give it to them?

Amethyst encourages all prospective patients and their families to call and ask as many questions as they need before making the final decision to enter treatment. Between our staff credentials, professional accreditations and comprehensive range of services, we feel that we can provide care to any addict or alcoholic in need. If you need to know more about the treatment process before you begin, we’re here to help you understand how it works. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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