Finding Peace and Serenity in Your Addiction Recovery Process

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It is natural to be uncomfortable when you first come to your addiction recovery center. Treatment facilities are intimidating. You’re in a new place. You’re being constantly monitored. You have no social media and no internet. You’re put in the position to think about your alcohol or drug addiction nonstop. You’re completely changing the way you spend your time. That’s a lot to manage. You’ll also need to exercise patience as you go through the first few days of your abuse treatment.
As time goes on, you will find yourself at peace if you choose to look for it. Addiction and abuse treatment is meant to provide you with a stable place to figure yourself out. Part of this process might be hard to grasp, but stay patient. It is easy to remain angry and dwell on your pain, but allow your mental health to take a break. Here are some ways you can find peace and serenity in your addiction recovery center.

Make Mental Health your Main Focus

Right when you get to your treatment center, it’s natural to feel out of place. A lot of addicts feel a lot of anger when they first arrive at their treatment center. This anger comes from having alcohol and drugs being taken away. It may also stem from the shame that they have for going so far as to become addicted to alcohol and drugs. Life gets real when your routine goes from daily substance abuse to alcohol and drug rehab in a matter of days.
While can be easy to dwell in anger, focus on bettering yourself. While it can be easy to think about all the people who will find out about your alcohol and drug addiction, focus on your own self-esteem. While it can be easy to feel stubborn and not want to let a bunch of people help you, let them help you.
Treatment facilities are places of support and of value. Your own mental health needs to be the top priority in your life. You need to think for and of yourself. You need to do things that make you feel good. You need to make decisions based on your own personal values. Alcohol and drug addiction take away pain temporarily, but it does not remove the cause of the pain.  You need to find this pain and confront it head-on. All other aspects of life will fall into place once you get your mental health under control. You’ll find peace knowing that you won’t need to turn to drug or alcohol abuse to cope.

Forgive Yourself For the Substance Abuse

A huge part of the stress that comes with going to an addiction recovery center is guilt. Upon reading reflections from recovered addicts, you’ll find that most of them say the same thing. The drive to their treatment center was one of the worst experiences they have ever had. They were coming down from a drug, or they were extremely hungover. They felt guilt, they felt shame and they felt apologetic. They felt tired and underwhelmed. They didn’t know at all what to expect.  
We understand this. We understand that it feels like you let your loved ones down. We understand that you feel drained. We understand that you feel like you’re going somewhere where no one is going to actually care.
You need to be able to forgive yourself. Yes, you may have made some mistakes. You may feel like your mental health can’t be helped. You may feel like substance abuse is the only answer. Forgive yourself for the things that have happened. You did not learn proper coping skills. Alcohol and drugs are an easy way to cope and no one is blaming you for doing what you could to feel better.
The number of individuals and families that experience recovery is immense. You are not an anomaly. You are special, yes. But, there are tons of people who know exactly what you’re going through. If you put yourself in the shoes of a loved one, and a family member with addiction came up to you, would you reprimand them? No, you would welcome them and be supportive. Treat yourself with the same amount of love and care that you would treat someone else going to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse.
It is never too late to change your life. It is never too late to become sober, to attend family therapy, to attend alcoholics anonymous. It’s never too late to move or get a new job or go back to school. However, these amazing steps come from forgiveness. You’ll find peace and balance within your mind once you let your recovery center guide you into forgiving yourself.

Explore What Activities You Can Do at Your Recovery Center

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There are tons of ways that a recovery center can help you find meaningful sobriety. Addiction treatment is not just detox and cognitive behavioral therapy. Most addiction treatment provides you with the opportunity to pick up new hobbies. Make sure you take advantage of all these fun things to do.
You can pick up a sport, or start practicing Yoga. You can hike outside with other former drug addicts. You can pick up a form of art and use that to calm down. You can become involved in a religious group and find peace through worship. The rehabilitation process is meant to be fun.
When the human brain gets overworked, it becomes unhappy. Alcohol and drug addiction overwork the human brain. It makes you sad and unable to control that sadness as well. Look rather at the new ways you can use your time. You can meet new friends and never have to feel alone. So much peace can be found in trying out new things and building new habits as you leave new ones behind.  

Take Inventory of your Behavioral Health

If you’re having a hard time finding peace and balance in your addiction recovery program, perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Take a look at the things you do each day. Next, take a look at how those things make you feel. After that, take a look at how you react to those feelings.
You’ll find that you could be wasting energy on the wrong ideas in addiction recovery. Your focus might be on when you’ll get out of addiction treatment. Or, you might be thinking about what people will think of you when you leave your recovery center.
How do you react to these things? Is your behavioral health improving as you go through the rehabilitation process?
If you need to make a slight change in your behavior, then there are people around you to assist in that. You want to be able to dedicate your energy to the things that feel best to you. If you aren’t working on that and forming healthy mental health habits, you’re not going to be happy. You’re also going to have a harder time not using.

There is No Right Way to Do Addiction Recovery

The most important thing to remember is that there is no one right way to bounce back from alcohol and drug addiction. The rehabilitation process is different for each person. If your drug addiction is very severe and you need to stay in inpatient rehab for a very long time, that’s okay. If you need to try out different treatment facilities to find the right fit for you, that’s okay. If the traditional treatment programs aren’t as effective for you, there are tons of other options.
There is no rulebook for how to become the best version of yourself. There isn’t a set of guidelines that you absolutely have to follow. There are tons of treatment programs out there and if you don’t like any of those, you can make your own. Your mental health and overall wellness come first and no matter how you get there, what’s important is that you reach the goal of sobriety and happiness. Do not let anyone make you feel like you are not going through addiction treatment in the right way. As long as you feel that you are growing as a person and becoming more healthy, that is what matters.

Get on the Right Track to Sobriety

These five simple things can be overlooked so easily. If you remember them while you’re going through addiction treatment, you’ll find so much value in your recovery program. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative side of things. It’s easy to feel pressured into leaving early so you can get back to “normal” life. It’s easy to be angry that you even had to go and not live the experience to its fullest. It’s easy to feel let down if you take longer than others to recovery. However, if you put your own mind first, you will find peace.

If you surrender and forgive yourself, you will find freedom from pain. If you open yourself up to new activities, you will find new parts of your personality. If you keep track of your behavior, you can rid yourself of bad habits. If you remember that this is about you and there’s no right way to do it, you will find serenity.


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