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Super Bowl season is only a few days away! ┬áMost people spend the big game watching their favorite teams, laughing at the commercials, eating as much food as possible, and downing copious amounts of alcohol. This year, you’ll see that you can still enjoy game day while going alcohol-free.


Are You Ready For Some Football?!


Super Bowl Party


Worried that taking alcohol out of your Super Bowl celebrations may seem un-American? The truth is the big game is all about gathering with loved ones to watch football–the most American sport of all! Ready to host a sober Super Bowl party this year? Keep reading for tips to make game day as fun as possible.


1. Decide to Keep the Party Alcohol-Free


If you’re new to sobriety, it’s best to keep the party completely free of alcohol. Decide that this party will be totally sober and share this with your guests. Make it clear to others that there will be no drugs or alcohol at the party so you can ensure that the environment remains completely alcohol-free.


2. Start with a Selective Guest List


The great thing about throwing your own party is that you are in control of the guest list. Keep the party limited to people that you know truly value and support your sobriety. Any old acquaintances or family members that might pressure you to drink should be left off the guest list.

Whoever you do invite, be sure to prioritize your recovery. Make it clear to everyone else that their plus ones will be expected to be supportive as well.


3. Make the Party About Food


Super Bowl Party Food


Since so many Super Bowl parties focus on alcohol, guests may be wondering how they will pass the time watching the game. By putting the focus of your party on food, guests know what to expect and will be quite occupied throughout game day. You can create your own themed menu filled with creative appetizers and entrees. If you’d rather not take on all that cooking, check out having it catered. Or encourage each person to bring a meal that all the guests can share. Here are some Super Bowl inspired recipes to check out!


4. Serve Fun Drinks


While non-alcoholic beers are alcohol-free, it’s best to skip them altogether in lieu of more exciting drinks. Bring out the sparkling water, mocktails, punch, and more! If you are planning a fun menu, use that same creativity to spice up the choice of drinks. Stumped on ideas for your drink menu? Check out this list of fun non-alcoholic party drinks!


5. Enjoy the Game


Going alcohol-free during game day doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game. Chances are, you’ll be able to enjoy the game even more because you’ll be able to experience all of it. Get loud, get rowdy, get excited–enjoy everything about the actual football game that you always have. Whether your team wins or loses, you’ll be able to enjoy having a great time with the people you care about the most.


Another plus of ditching alcohol this year is that you’ll cut down on your bathroom breaks significantly so you don’t have to miss any exciting moments. Once the game is over, you’ll discover the best thing about watching the game without any alcohol: you will remember all of it the next day. At work, you’ll be able to discuss the entire experience with everyone, rather than remembering bits and pieces of what happened.


With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, now is the time to start making plans and preparing for game day. Don’t underestimate your sober Super Bowl party–it may be the most fun you’ve had in years!


Super Bowl Sunday

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