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You might be asking yourself what a sobriety calculator is. You’ve come to the right place. We love to use sobriety calculators to highlight the success of our patients through the recovery process. Sobriety calculators simply take into account the sobriety date of an addict and count how long it’s been since they became sober.

Substance abuse is a habit that can turn into an addiction. Recovery from this addiction should be celebrated. As recovery turns to sober living, there is a lot to appreciate. Alcoholics Anonymous uses the sobriety calculator to help the followers of the 12 steps in their pursuits. Amethyst uses the sobriety calculator to spread positivity. Here are some positive ways to use your sobriety calculator.

Show Your Friends How Far You’ve Come Since Addiction Treatment

The best thing to experience after addiction treatment is how proud your friends are. While you may think everyone forgot about you while you were away, they certainly did not. Your loved ones are your biggest fans and supporters. When you’re open about your sobriety, they’ll be more than happy to support you even more.

After recovery, sobriety can be a huge challenge. It’s important that you honor your accomplishment by using a sobriety calculator. It’ll remind you and your loved ones of the journey you went on to live a happier life. You’ve gone through the pain and the treatment programs, now it’s time to show off your success.

Celebrate your Sobriety Date

The best thing about using a sobriety calculator is watching the sober time add up. As you pass a few months and then get to years, you’ll be able to start celebrating your sobriety the same way a married couple would celebrate an anniversary.

 A fun way to honor your sober time is to celebrate your sobriety date with each month or year that passes. You’ve said goodbye to substance abuse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a party! There are plenty of ways to have a celebration without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Invite your loved ones, relieve your mental health and celebrate your sobriety date with some fun. Treatment programs are meant to teach you how to have healthy fun without falling back into substance abuse. You deserve it.

Give Back to Your Drug Rehab

A very sentimental and kind way to celebrate your sobriety date is to give back to your drug rehab. You know as well as anyone there that alcohol or drug addiction can be really hard. Donating to your drug rehab center or going in for a visit with your old counselor is a great way to celebrate your sober time.

Not everyone gets the opportunity at a second chance at life. Sometimes, drug rehab is out of the question for financial reasons. Sometimes, people do not make it through their battle with substance abuse and addiction. Being able to get the help you needed is something to be appreciative of. To celebrate how much your drug rehab helped you change your life will feel amazing for you.

Reflect on your Mental Health

A great way to celebrate your sober time is to understand what it has meant to you. Since your sobriety date, how have you changed? How have you become stronger? Reflect on the improvements you’ve made for your mental health.

When we become too comfortable with something, we often forget to give it attention. This can happen often when an addict becomes sober. They forget what they’ve worked for and their sobriety can be placed on the back burner. Sobriety calculators are a great way to keep mental health in line because they remind you of a happy accomplishment in your life. This happiness and sobriety probably contrast heavily with the pain you went through during drug addiction.

Avoid Substance Abuse

Have you ever heard the phrase “you’ve come too far to turn back now?” Sobriety calculators are a reminder of that old phrase. When a person is going to sober living, there are definitely challenges that cause them distress. Even after years of sober time, there’s going to be obstacles, especially if you went through a dual diagnosis. These obstacles can make relapse seem like the best way to cope.

It is way less likely that you will relapse if you have a reminder of how long you’ve worked to maintain your sobriety. Sobriety calculators are usually easy to access, there are even apps you can use to track your sober time which makes it very hard to use again. You will become very fond of watching that number of days, months and years increase as you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Recognize your Success

There are many treatment programs and you chose one that worked for you. There are many ways to become sober. Whether you chose alcoholics anonymous, dual diagnosis or holistic rehab, you became sober. You deserve to feel proud. You deserve to look at that amount of days and smile. Even if it’s 10 days, that is 10 days that you spent away from substance abuse, being strong and healthy. If it’s years, you have all the more reason to show yourself off. Recognize your own strength and success.


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