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#WorldKindessDay was launched in 1998 by the The World Kindness Movement with the goal of creating a kinder world. It is observed on November 13th worldwide and I really hope everybody marks it on their calendar. It’s a day to focus on the positive power and common thread of kindness that binds us and bridges the divides of politics, gender, race, religion and geographical differences.  It’s a day that we can all focus on being a little more kind to each other and to ourselves.


So, what is kindness exactly? It’s simply a positive action that leaves somebody in a better situation than before.


Literally, it can be anything.

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How often do you pause during the day and think about doing something nice for somebody else? How about for yourself? Yes, you should add yourself to the kindness list.  Did you know that there are scientifically proven benefits to being kind? Even witnessing a random act of kindness is good for your soul. Check out this article to learn how being kind is good for your health.


We are all busy people, living busy lives. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and negativity.

What if we stopped thinking about them as random acts of kindness and started thinking about them as intentional acts of kindness?


Check out this blog on Making Kindness the Norm

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Need some inspiration?


Let that car merge into your lane – I know, this one is hard for us all. We are creeping along in traffic and suddenly a car rolls up and wants to get into our lane. It’s almost instinctual to speed up, we were here first! But try slowing down and waving the car through with a smile.


Spend time with your kids –  Teach your kids how to be kind. Encourage them to talk to the new kid at school. Teach your kids kindness through responsibility. Donate gently used toys to kids in need. 


Tape Change to a parking meter – How often have you finally found a place to park, but were scrambling to find change to feed the meter? Save somebody the stress of having to search for dimes beneath the car seat.


Donate socks to a homeless shelter – It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. 


Hold the door open for somebody – Yes, this simple gesture will make somebody else smile.


Compliments – Did you get good service?  We are quick to talk to a manager when we receive bad service, but  how often do you take the time to let a manager know when somebody has provided great service?


Let somebody in front of you in line – You know that mother with 3 kids behind you in line at Walmart is just praying to get out of there before chaos ensues. So let her go in front of you, I promise she will be grateful.


Donate blankets to an animal shelter – There is nothing sweeter than seeing a furbaby snug as a bug in a rug.

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Donate school supplies to a teacher – No, they never have enough. Yes, they need them. Yes, they will be grateful.


Practice self-care –  Treat yourself to a mani / pedi. Guys, there is no shame in getting your feet groomed. Hit a meditation class. Read that book. Take a nap. Tell yourself that you’re awesome.


Bring in your neighbors trash can –  Even the crankiest of neighbors will appreciate this random act of kindness.


Put your phone away – Yes, I am talking to you.


Be kind to everybody – Even to those that are unkind. They need it the most.


Return the shopping cart – But really, this is something you should always be doing. Don’t be ‘that guy.’


At work – Send a coworker an email letting them know what a great job they are doing . People tend to be underappreciated at work, so acknowledging somebody’s efforts will go a long way.  Take your boss to lunch. Send a thank you card to a vendor. 


Smile at everybody – It’s contagious. But don’t be weird.


Kindness is free, it costs you nothing. In a world where you can choose to be anything you want, always choose to be kind. 


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Author: Amanda Daniels (Addict Chick)

Amanda Daniels is the voice behind the “Addict Chick” brand.  She is an author, wife, mom, and recovering drug addict. She is the Director of Social Media for Amethyst Recovery Center and spokesperson. You can follow her on:  Facebook Instagram or her Website


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