residential alcohol detox

Do I Stand A Better Chance With Residential Alcohol Detox?

Patients who choose residential alcohol detox receive around-the-clock medical supervision and medication-assisted treatment. Different types of medications lessen the intensity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These treatment options are paired with behavioral therapies and other types of counselling. Most alcohol rehab and detox centers offer both outpatient treatment services and residential services. When seeking addiction treatment,…

alcohol rehab program

Using What You Learn In An Alcohol Rehab Program

An alcohol rehab program is a crucial component of alcohol addiction treatment. Evidence-based treatment approaches help alcoholics detox medically. The detoxification process cleanses the body of alcohol and all of its metabolites. During alcohol treatment, alcoholics also learn the skills necessary to re-enter society. There are different types of programs to choose from. Both inpatient…

effective alcohol program

6 Features of An Effective Alcohol Program vs. One That’s Not Working

There’s a difference between an effective alcohol program and an ineffective one. Effective programs are more likely to succeed and come with certain traits. Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Alcohol addiction in running rampant in America. Approximately 50.7% of Americans were regular connoisseurs of alcohol in 2016. In these studies, 24.2%…